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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by 2nd man down, Mar 29, 2004.

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    I really hope this isn't taken as a critisism because it's not meant to be, but i had the good fortune to see Meltham and Meltham Mills band compete at a local contest (Podson Bray) yesterday, and I have to say I've never seen such concentration and a passion to "get it right" as Melthams' tuned percussion player.
    By the end of the performance we were all watching her cos she was just going for it and the concentration on her face was brilliant!!
    And when she made a dash for the tubular bells their Bb Bass had to duck forwards to avoid getting belted!

    Has anyone else witnessed gusto such as this, we could have set the fire alarm off and she would still have finished that piece!! :shock: 8) :tup :tup :hammer

    Marvelous effort, well done who-ever you were.
    Please, please don't think I'm being critical, I'm really not. Absolutely no offence is intended, we were so impressed.

    We came 3rd in our section, just in case anyone is remotely interested.
  2. IJK

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    Yes I remember once, having a top solo cornet player who gave it everything. And always put the band first.

    He use to make the rest of the band look up at him he put the time in at practises, contests and even at home. I wonder where he is now????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    Why Was he tall??????
  4. Hey ya,

    I have to agree, she was fabulous, it's not very often percussion players make an effort is it? Eh Ploughboy :D, ha, ha!

    How was the pub? Sorry I couldn't make it! Sisters will make plans without asking their drivers first!

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    What is Podson Bray ? If only your typing fingers could keep up with your brain ! (cornet players!)
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    Our percussion player took a nose dive last year at the end of Strike up the Band. Just at the end he made a dive for the timps but tripped up. Missed the four semi's but got the last one on the way down. Shame it was't open adjudication as we'd have got marks on for that I'm sure.
    Also a good job it was the end of the piece cause the band broke out in smiles and laughter - like you do.
    Well done Alan of TR. :wink:
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    No just going a bit bald
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    I've had people from the audience coming upto me saying I'd put everything into the performance... and "you certainly move around a lot!"... etc... Part of the job description, I say...
    I've seen it a few times when watching other bands as well... Good stuff!

    When we played at Stroud several weeks back, we had the percussion set up either side of the band due to lack of space... the people watching on the left hand side found it amusing watching me playing the triangle with a key because I didn't have any triangle beaters with me (I always seem to lose them :?)... I know some people who wouldnt have bothered with the triangle at all! :p :roll:

    ;-) 8)
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    Anyone from the Midland remember a percussionist, going back to the 80's and before, called Bobby Nutt? He played for several bands in the North Leicestershire area and whenever he played with whichever band at a contest, you could bet that within the first half dozen bars all eyes from the audience would be on him. One year at Pontins he stood on one leg playing side drum, cymbal and a bass drum roll on the foot pedal! Haven't seen him for a few years but it's characters like that that make banding what it is.
  10. I remember seeing a 4th section band here in North Queensland perform and they had the drumkit up the front for a concert program. The lady conductor got so enthusaistic she started bashing the cymbal halfway through I will follow him with her baton, leaving the poor drummer in a fright