A Night at the Movies successful concert for Longridge Band

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    The Longridge Band has been extremely busy over the past two weeks working with Mike Cotter and Steven Tarry preparing for the recent concert which was held on Saturday at Bolton School. All the hard work put in by all members in the band was paid off for and members in the audience were amazed by the quality of performance. All the pieces that were performed were taken from the movies and brought the music to life using costumes and effective lightning.
    The soloist of the band also went into character for the pieces that they were performing. The bands Solo horn player Steven Brodie who played “Over the Rainbow” became our very own Dorothy Gale. The trombone section Becky Stead, Sue Newby and George Guyer played “I Will Follow Him” became our very own three nuns. The band even went as far as having our very own Celine Dion played by Alice Newby who sang “My Heart Will Go On”. Not forgetting our very own two fiddle players Niami Bodle and Sarah Allen who played brilliantly with the band for “The Gael” with our very own two percussion players Don Stables and Mike Edge dressed as Mohicans.
    This night was a complete success and was sold out quite a few days before the concert for all those who did not manage to see it a great night was missed.
    The band would like to thank Mike Cotter and Steven Tarry for all the hard work gone into putting this show together.:clap:
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    So sorry I missed it guys. Sounds like everything went according to plan. Hopefully I'll make it to the next one. (Saw the glossy programme for the concert.........quality or what!)
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