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    I would like to share a nice story with you all. As you know, I sometimes mention what my eighty six year old Dad is up to. I love him to bits, and am very proud of the way he has carried on after my Mother died in September 2004. None of his four kids, grandkids or greatgrandkids live in Weston-super-Mare, but he is a gregarious chap who will do anything for anyone. He has been away from home for four weeks, completely redecorating my sister's house in Haverfordwest, (South West Wales). He got back to Weston yesterday, (in time for the contest at the Winter Gardens on Sunday). I was on the phone to him today, and this is one of the bits of news he told me.

    Dad lives over the road from an Old Peoples' Home. He is always out and about, including pottering in his front garden, or back and forth to his garage, fetching tools for some little job he is up to. When he got home yesterday, there was a hand delivered letter on his doormat. It was from the owner of the Old Peoples' Home. She wanted to know if he was alright, because all the residents across the road were worried about him, as they had not seen him going about his daily bits and bobs.

    We have all told Dad that next time he goes away, he must let them know, so that they don't worry about him.
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    It must be comforting for you to know that someone would notice if he wasn't seen for a day or two.

    Nice to know some people do still care enough.
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    What a great story - It's really heartwarming to know that there are still people who care about their neighbours.
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    That is one of the cutest things ive heard for ages, its nice to know that complete strangers still look out for one another
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    That has to be one of the sweetest stories on here. Very reassuring for you Tim, knowing that he's being looked out for.
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    It's great to hear that there are some people in the world who still look out for people. I know if that was my dad they were looking out for, I'd be really grateful to them!
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    Great story, Tim. We had something similar yesterday, when I took a call from a member of the local Baptist church: one of their ladies had gone away on holiday with our Over Sixties club but they were expecting her to be coming home on Friday. When she wasn't at church yesterday they had checked her home and then rung us, so I was able to reassure them that they're not returning until today.

    It does go some way to restoring ones faith in human nature ;)
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    Lovely tale ...................

    but are you sure she's not touting for business???