A new online shop with cheaper brass CDs!!

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  1. This has been done as a training excersise rather than a business venture, but it is to your advantage. For those who haven't seen other relevant posts, I've been getting a graphic design business up and running, and so I have been trying to create an online shop, so that I can offer to do the same for bands who can then sell CDs and music they play through their website. Let me begin...

    I have succesfully created my own online shop, which uses PayPal (the same system that eBay uses) to ensure safe online transactions.

    Currently for sale in my little shop are a number of CDs that I have played on in the past with various bands. Because of the way its been done, I'm pretty confident that
    you won't find these CDs at a lower price on the internet. I'll be adding new releases to these once they are on general release.

    Also, the postage rates are extremely competitive, with UK First Class Royal Mail at £1.00 per item. For anywhere else in Europe it is £2.00, and for the rest of the world it is £3.00.

    For Art lovers, there is also my very own canvas print up for grabs, and I hope to be able to add some Oil paintings in the next few months. (This is my real hobby!! The one that I do for fun and don't worry about whether I'm any good or not!)

    I have to admit, I haven't checked it all that thoroughly so if you do have any problems or find any errors please email me - shop@nickwalkley.co.uk.

    Like I said, its just a training excersise for when I do it for real with Eighth Note, but you can get certain CDs cheaper than anywhere else online. If it takes off I'll think about adding some more.

    Happy Shopping!!

    My shopping site: http://www.nickwalkley.co.uk/shop/latest.htm