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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jpbray, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. jpbray

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    Is percussion become less of a male domain, my daughter plays percussion in our band, and is good. Trouble is with not having a mouthpiece stuck in ones mouth ................... .:p :p
  2. brasscrest

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    It wasn't that long ago that most of the top bands, and many of the not-so-top bands, were men-only. As the father of two daughters, I'm glad that this is no longer true. In the current banding environment, where almost everyone is talking about the lack of players, I don't see how anyone could consider it good practice to restrict a player from any section on account of gender.

    I noticed when looking throught the band profiles on 4BR for the lower section Finals that there are a few bands with women conductors. This position has been more male-dominated than any of the playing spots, so maybe we'll see even more of this in the future.
  3. JessopSmythe

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    We've got 5 persecutionists at the moment. 3 female and 2 male including one married couple. I'm glad I don't live anywhere near them! It's bad enough spending 4 hours a week with the timps a foot or so from my right ear!
  4. bigmamabadger

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    We have this problem. Our little lady percussionist shows a surprising knack for it, in spite of only just starting lessons a couple of weeks ago. However, she will not shut up!

    You know who you are, SJ....
  5. kate_the_horn

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    can i add she atchually hasnt started yet,(starts on monday) like me shes self taught (and asks me the occasionanal rhythm)

    roll on the finals!!

    kell x