A long trek for good causes

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    Members of the United Co-op Yorkshire Brass Band will undertake one of their most gruelling fundraising events this weekend (25 September) with a 20 mile sponsored walk.

    The walk covers the 20 miles known as the Brighouse boundary walk and the funds raised will be split between the band and Macmillan Cancer Relief.

    The band has been busy fundraising for over a year, initially for its trip to Singapore and New Zealand in March 2005 but said Band Manager Tabby Clegg: “Now we are raising funds for further projects and we also thought it important to support charities close to our hearts, hence some money raised from the walk will go to Macmillan Cancer Relief. The walk just seems a good warm up for the start of our new concert season which commences on Saturday 1 October at St. Paul’s Church, Buttershaw and the start of a new period for the band under the directorship of Kevin Wadsworth.”

    If anyone would like to sponsor the members please contact 01422 205231 (24-hour answerphone) or e-mail tabby.clegg@btopenworld.com. For more details on the band log onto www.unitedcoopyorkshirebrassband.com.

    Tabby Clegg
    Band Manager
    19 September 2005
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    I do hope that you are not planning on playing for the whole 20 mile walk??!! That would indeed be a scary yet commendable effort!!

    Good luck with it though guys. I hope you raise loads of money in the process.

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    I'd offer my support to the band, but the website hasn't been updated since June :confused: However I am sponsoring Tony Tuba for this worthwhile cause and I urge many more tmp'ers to do the same....

    Tabbs, I'll speak to you laters and could you wish the band all the very best from me... I'll see you at the Area's for a coupla scoops in St Georges (Clampetts bar and grill may re-open one last time).

    By the way, you seen The Senior Trophy test piece? :clap:
  4. brass journo

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    Cheers Simon

    no plans to play - the bass section did that on our last sponsored walk and enarly died and that was only 6 miles!!!! I'm sure we can think of some fun things to do though and I will drink much wine at the end of it!!!!

    and cheers Andy too - but not sure about the website bit - it's updated regularly you cheeky monkey!!!!
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    Are Colin and Phil going to remember to take some vaseline this time? Have you managed to get Dicky to join you as well?

    They are all well versed in this sort of fund raising. Good luck to all.

  6. B'aht a band

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    I remember that last walk very well ;) It was a killer to walk all the 6 miles with a BBb Bass hanging round my neck...

    On another note, Tabbs, everytime I look at the website, it says the guestbook page is being updated and also the player profiles haven't been done :( . Oh well, not to worry.....

  7. brass journo

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    All I can say is ... it hurts!!!!! great fun though!!!

    bath and beds for me!!!!

    thanks to everyone that sponsored me and the others that did the walk! it's greatly appreciated.