A little miracle is happening hidden in the valleys of North Wales

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by toptutti, May 12, 2009.

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    Last week I was invited down to help Ruthin Town Band and couldn’t believe what I found. The Ruthin Town Band is well and truly reborn, and with the number of younger players the future looks rosy. It’s been a long time since I’ve played in any band with so much enthusiasm with everyone around the stand giving 100%. Enthusiasm like that is catching not only to all in the audience but to the handful of deps who played on Saturday
    Keep your eyes open for this band on the contesting scene, they’re going to go a long way
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    Unfortuantly I wasn't able to be one of the deps on Saturday (but maybe I should have been given the result we got at the Spring Festival :oops:). I know a few people invovled with the band and it sounds like its going great! Hopefully I'll be able to come and have a listen soon!
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    We're visiting relatives in Cilcain in July and I'm hoping to pop along to Ruthin for a blow. Good to hear that the band is doing well.
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    Going to another band, eh...? tsk... ;-) :biggrin:
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    I will pass on your kind comments to the players through one of the founder members, my wife.
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    The band is also a very welcoming band practicing just once a week at the moment. It seems to be a haven at the moment for enthusiastic youngsters and those players who maybe havn't played for a while and fancy getting back into it.
    Anyone who wishes to come along for a blow or to join the band are welcome, PM me and I can give you details. Their next job is the Whit marches so if you fancy helping out get in touch!
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    always good to hear a positive story about banding! Well done to everyone at Ruthin