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    My mission from uni for the next two weeks is to write an essay on a piece of music written before 1900, comparing aspects of performance or something, I'm not entirely sure! But my question is, does anyone know of any brass band pieces written before 1900 as us brass players have been told to stick to writting about a brass piece. I think our lecturer is a bit dumb...I'm not sure if there is any, but if anyone could help I would very much appreciate it! Cheers!
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  3. PeterBale

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    Most of the works from that era would have been arrangements, rather than original works, I should think. One possiblity would be the Tydfyl Overture, written by Joseph Parry for the Cyfarthfa Band. There's a recording by the Wallace Collection on the cd "Origin of the Species" and one by BAYV on "Heritage", although the latter has been adapted to suit a modern band.
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    Thanks for that Peter. Oh and langley_euph says thanks too...she saw the reply before I did and stole that piece. So, if anyone knows of any other pieces, please let me know!
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    haha yeah thanks for that!
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    Damn you dangley_euph!
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    As Peter Bale said, you'll probably find it quite hard to find any original repertoire from that period. How about trying a military band piece? In case of boring people, I'll PM you some details - just written my dissertation on a similar subject so I'm full of useless information!
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    this may not be allowable, but wasn't the coronation march from Meyerbeers' "le prophete" writtem for an onstage band of saxhorns? The first brass band piece perhaps
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    On the same cd is a set of quadrilles written by Parry for the Cyfartha Factory Band to play at company functions! So there you go, both of you sorted!
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    I think part of the problem is that there were no real standardisation of instruments during the 19th Century that resemble the modern brass band.

    Earliest work that I could trace is the Nonetto In C Minor (Félicien-César David) roughly about 1839. It was scored for 2 cornets-á-pistons, 4 cors-á-pistons, 2 trombonnes (sic) and ophycleide. It was premiered by Philippe Musard. Berlioz also premiered a Nonet in F maj (by David) in 1845 but that is now lost.

    Jean Sibelius wrote for brass ensemble that included brass band historical instruments. The Finnish Torviseitsikolle was the standard instrumentation of Eb Soprano cornet, 1st Bb cornet, 2nd Bb cornet, Eb althorn, Bb tenorhorn, Bb baritonehorn (euph), Eb bass and percussion. He wrote 7 pieces that survive ... Allegro (1889), an Overture in F minor (1889 or 1890?), an Andantino and Menuetto (1890-91), a Praeludium (1891), the tone-poem Tiera (1894?), and the Aténarnes sång (Song Of The Athenians)(1890 ) for men's and boy's chorus with hornseptett.
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    Reading brassneck's post reminded me of the Ewald "Symphony for Brass": Ewald was born in 1860, and the symphony is an early work - Op 5, so is probably pre 1900. You may recall it was used in the Areas in 2002, the recording (of Mike Hopkinson's arrangement) being taken from BAYV's cd "Men of Stone". It is based on the Brass Quintet No 1, recorded by the Wallace Collection amongst others.
  14. brassneck

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    - one small point about the Ewald quintet/symphony in Bb (Op.5), it was written in 1902 and revised 1911.
  15. jenzi

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    Thanks for all your help guys!
  16. brassneck

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    - have a read of this article by Trevor Herbert about 19th Century bands ... it will put some perspective on what you should be looking for!


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