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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by sparkling_quavers, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. sparkling_quavers

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    Hope all you A2/AS/Voc students out there out the grades you wanted/needed! :biggrin: Have been in college today and I didn't have to hand out too many tissues as it was generally good news. AS results were not as good, but could have been worse! Only GCSE results to go next week and then it all starts all over again! Just thought I would start a thread for congratulations and to see where (and what) people are off to study in September.
  2. BigHorn

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    I'm a very proud dad today. My daughter got 5 A's in her AS levels.
    She deserved them as she has worked really, really hard. Every one at band knows this as she always took her revision books into the pub after band practice.
  3. Pythagoras

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    Didn't go in to my school today as didn't have a Y13 group this year. Hope everybody got what they wanted. Looks like the newspapers have already started their usual snide remarks. Can't have pupils doing well.
  4. stevetrom

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    Another proud (and a little sad) Dad, my daughter got her A Level results and is off to Plymouth uni in 4 weeks !!!!!
  5. Sopha

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    in GCSE my brother achieved 5 A*'s and got top of the country. But unfortunately last year he went into Sixthform and everyone thought it was more of a muck around and none of the teachers were hardly there so he didnt do so good last year in his A levels but he changed schools,got into one of the best school's in the county and had a second shot at the first year in sixthform. Were all proud of him and we know he's done alot more revision this year and he pulled off 2 A's and a B. ! he's out tonight celebrating and having a few pints with his mates.
  6. MissBraz

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    Hey yeah not too shabby! Off to Yorkshire to do Theology after my year out (in which i'm volunteering) any Yorkshire bands that could do with a cornet of even just someone to have a blow do let me know! :D