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    I teach a young lad on euph. He has his performance exam coming in the new year and we started getting a program together. It had to be in-between 13 and 16 mins, be original works and follow a theme. I got him near to playing Ransomed G Marshall, The Holy Well Graham and Rhapsody for Euph Curnow. My idea for a theme being Original works by Salvation Army composers. Last week I hear the lads music teacher considers the theme to "general". Would anyone have experience of A level programs and would they have any advice as to what they are looking for. The music teacher doesn't seem to have offered much feedback!
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    Hello Toby, do you know what A-Level board it is?
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    Hi Alison. Ottomh. It's OCR. How's sunny Annan? Enjoyed our band trip there in the summer.
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    Annan is like Egremont! I didn't realise you had been here in the summer or I would have come and said hello! I haven't taught OCR (if it had been AQA or Edexcel I could have been more help) but looking at their syllabus http://www.ocr.org.uk/download/kd/ocr_9648_kd_gce_spec.pdf it says the performance should be no more than 15 mins and 'The repertoire performed should have a focus that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of a single idiomatic style or genre' (page 37 in the syllabus). So I would say, as a head of Music, that as long as the candidate can explain the focus and how it links the pieces in the viva it is fine. Hope this is of some help!
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    Yeah, a ex band member got ordinated at the united reform church in Annan. We played for it and afterwards and also played in Dumfries with the town band. I was a great few days. Lovely part of the world. Not so many psychopaths in Annan on a Friday night as Egremont I hope!
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    Having seen "themed" recitals along the theme of "trumpet music through the ages" being approved by various music departments, I am surprised that they are being so specific.
    Would all these pieces fit "20th Century Euphonium Music"?
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    Toby, would that be the Trombone playing Minister who comes to our band practices now? I don't get out much anymore so despite having lived in Annan for 8 years I don't know much about the nightlife past the pub underneath the bandroom!

    With the OCR performances I think the marks for the links come in the Viva rather than the performance and are as much to do with related listening as being able to link the performance pieces. Ask your student to get a copy of the mark scheme for both the viva and the performance and an example of questions from the viva from their music teacher and then you will be able to judge whether the pieces are suitable to get your student the best marks!

    I wish all my perris showed as much interest in their students A-Level and GCSE performances rather than just graded exams! It would make my life a lot easier and help students in their GCSE and A-Level exams as the requirements are not the same as for graded exams.....

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