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    All please see a letter I recieved the other day as I am a member if you are an active christian and playing in A SECULAR BAND AND WANT TO USE YOYUR TALENTS FOR THE lORD WHY NOT CONTACT US AND HJOIN US AT HIGH WYCOME IN oCTOBER.


    Rosslyn House
    370 Bloomfield Road
    BATH BA2 2PD
    01225 832 041
    0776 125 4231 (mobile as a last resort)

    22nd.August 2005.

    Dear Friend,

    I write my usual summer letter to remind folks of our autumn activities, and look ahead to 2006 and beyond.
    Firstly, Ruth Moore has mentioned to me that a particular CD has much impressed her, and I share with you the details. It is the Arban Collection, with Russell Gray playing Arban cornet solos on the actual instrument owned by J B Arban in 1866. The Fodens Richardsons Band, conducted by Dr Roy Newsome and Frank Renton, accompanies him; number SFZ 114 Egon. I have enjoyed this CD for some months; it is good listening.
    Our next meeting is Saturday 1st.October, at The Wycliffe Centre, Horsleys Green, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3XL 01494 682 266 www.wycliffe.org.uk Horsleys Green is just off the London Road Oxford Road A40 and lies between Stokenchurch (2miles) and High Wycombe (6 miles). It is most easily accessed from both the north and south by leaving the M40 at junction 5, proceed through Stokenchurch towards High Wycombe on the A40. At Studley Green turn right to Horsleys Green and the Centre is a few hundred yards on the left. If anyone needs a map or further details please let me know. We shall be using the large Carey Meeting Room as before, right beside a large car park. Coffee and biscuits will be available on arrival and at lunchtime, but please bring your own sandwiches. The usual format will be gathering at 10.30am for a start with devotions at 11am followed by playing. Major John Martin of the Salvation Army will lead both our devotions and music. We shall be most grateful for John’s leadership and we look forward to meeting him. The afternoon will close at say 4.30pm.
    We try to have our October meeting one week prior to the London Band weekend, but again this year we are obliged to be two weeks before our London engagement in order that the Wycliffe Centre can accommodate us. It is good that Major John will be taking us at the Methodist Westminster Central Hall service, which starts at 11am. However, we like to meet at 9am for as full a rehearsal as possible. It is appreciated that for some, travelling will mean a little later arrival.
    It is always helpful for me to know who will be with us whenever we meet, and this is particularly important for the Westminster Central Hall service, to ensure that we have a reasonably balanced band.
    Thus, I would appreciate you letting me know if you are able to come in October and on which dates. Having said that I shall be away from 30th.August and most of September, so if you don’t catch me before I depart, perhaps you would contact Quentin Arnold at Wedgwood Cottage, Wansford, Peterborough, PE8 6JD, Quentin.Arnold@markonsawafuji.com
    or Trevor Austin at 6 Boyne House, 9 Grove Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 1UR 01494 674692, Trevor.Austin@rosehillinstruments.co.uk.

    When we meet at The Wycliffe Centre I would welcome your views on how we celebrate our 20th. Anniversary. The first meeting inspired by Barbara Butler was on the 26th. March 1988. Suggestions are varied:
    1. Residential weekend again at King’s Park Northampton.
    2. A lunch or dinner at some convenient location.
    3. A meeting such as we plan for The Wycliffe Centre, but followed in the evening by presenting a Celebration Concert reasonably nearby.
    4. Have a meal together and then attend a “posh” concert somewhere for entertainment.
    5. Play for a Sunday Morning church service, and have a lunch together, combining families and friends, plus say older friends no longer playing but still interested. The music could be straightforward and from our repertoire already used, so that a pre-service rehearsal would be sufficient. Such could provide a pleasant reunion occasion.
    6. As above, but stay until early teatime 4pm. Thereby extending the fellowship and still allow home travelling time.
    7. Other ideas ? ? ?

    Next of course is the choice of dates, and whether we celebrate twenty years, or twenty-one. The latter nowadays does not seem to have the same special touch as years ago. We could have another residential time together in say April 2007, on the lines that ideally we aim for a residential date every other year. We could have a reunion as in 5 above, say April 2008, our twentieth anniversary. Alternatively, we could defer the away weekend until 2008.
    Looking to next year 2006, I wish to book now for April and October venues. Are we happy with Wycliffe, or do we look elsewhere? I mention that whilst King’s Park was fine for the weekend and all was well financially, a one-day booking there is considerably more expensive than Wycliffe’s £50. Suggested dates for 2006 would be Saturday 8, or 29 April. Easter Saturday is the 15th April. The London band weekend date I need to check, but it is likely to be the 14th. October. Ideally we should meet on Saturday 7th. October, with the Methodist Westminster Central Hall Service on Sunday 15th. October.
    I shall appreciate it if those of you receiving this letter by e-mail would kindly send me a brief confirmation of receipt, because it is difficult to be sure that I have kept up with any change of e-mail addresses, and some folk seem to change fairly frequently.
    If you are unable to come to the Wycliffe Centre, it would be good to know your views on the reunion for our anniversary, the dates and desirable location.

    Finally, I hope you are all enjoying your music this summer.

    Every Blessing

    Yours sincerely

    Mike Priscott
    Secretary and Treasurer
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    i might pop in and say "hello" if any other tMpers are going on the 1st Oct. Wycliffe centre is only about 1/2 mile from home (can just about see it in the winter through the trees!).

    As we've got a concert that evening, I don't really want to play all day too, though.

    (and now you all know where I live!)