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    Hi folks, my name is Colin McCabe and im an 18 year old euphonium player come conductor from Northern Ireland who has just stumbled upon this forum! :rolleyes: I orginally started out at the age of 8 playing the cornet, progressing to flugel and a year ago defecting to the euphonium. Such a lovely instrument! I'm currently working on my grade 8 and, due circumstances beyond my control, been forced into waving the baton infront of Warrenpoint Silver Band (a small town band from NI).

    I'll launch right into my annoying questions in my very first post: Could I have some tips on conducting a band please? Espically a band that I have already played with for 10 years and are good friends with. This relationship does make it harder for me to try and teach them. Also, I'm finding it quite intimidating being the youngest member of the band and also the one in charge.


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    Hi cmccabe - welcome to themouthpiece.com and thanks for registering with us. :hi
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    Just conduct for a while- then after a month or so start to point out things and slowly then start to instruct and shape a performance. The band will go with you; if they appointed you they wanted you. Always belive in yourself!
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    Hi Colin
    I suspect you have had few replies on conducting as it is just so huge an area. There are so many things a conductor is expected to know and do, yet there are not that many opportunities to be taught how to conduct; there may be in some regions, but not much here in Northern Ireland. The last time I heard your band it was with Mark and Glyn from Fodens as guest soloists. Fodens have done a lot of very valuable work over recent years through their twice yearly visits to Armagh, early in the year for full band concerts and with a team running the Summer School in August. My advice would be to speak to Ivor Stephenson in Armagh Old Boys, and check out what will be happening this year (they will be here the 1st weekend in February). I'm sure there will be opportunities to meet with some of the Fodens people and get advice and assistance from those who play at the highest level and work with the top brass band conductors. They are extremely friendly and helpful. I know you would learn a lot from them.

    Good luck!

    Wesley Thompson
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    Don't do it. It will end in tears. Insist that you are conducting only until you/they find a baton waver to take over.......Unless of course you are about to find your true vocation in life! It will be very difficult to control the band as respect is hard to earn if you have no experience in life or conducting or even a higher level than grade 8.
    Sorry to sound so down, but I do not envy your position, from your post I suspect you have a good idea of the problems you face. I sincerely hope that this does not give you a bad experience and put you off conducting or even banding in years to come.
    Good luck with whatever you do.