A Gallimaufry Suite by Philip Harper

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by stephenmrry, Jul 13, 2007.

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    Hi Guys

    Just heard that seciond grade brass piece in the NIBA Brass Band Championships is A Gallimaufry Suite. Now all i know about it is that it was the set work for third section national finals in 2005. At first glace and i mean glance i havent played it yet it looks very interesting especially the second and third movements with the simple hymn tune in movement three and the unusual rhythm in movement two.

    So can anybody else given some more info about it and also if there is a recording of it available anywhere?
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  3. stephenmrry

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    Cheers andy just checked out your comment on the other thread and altho i havent played through it yet would certainly agree having looked at score and solo cornet part that third movement as is the case with so many band pieces at this level of banding will be the difference maker. We have been doing alot of work on dynamic contrast this year and it payed off for the nationals and with Derek Broadbent in the box none of the bands will get away with anything! I think its a piece that will suit our band we seem to do well with the more modern pieces altho our md isnt a fan of philip harpers music altho i cant say that i know any of his music.
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    i must say when our band played it at the nationals (we came 3rd) i went and listened to a few other bands and the most common movement that bands stuggled on was the second movement particuly flugels in the opening!

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