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    Last Friday night 2nd Sept. 2011 I attended the regional committee of the NWBBA and was disapppointed as to the number present.
    It was a very important meeting because it was the meeting where the new Regional secretary was to be appointed as the present one Peter Bates who had held the position for the past 12 years was not seeking re-election.
    Due to the many comments that appear on this web site FOLLOWING the regional championship contests every year I would have thought that a large number of band representatives would have been present to ask questions of the present committee.
    What a dig disappointment I got.
    Only 6 bands sent any appologies and in addition to the present committee VERY FEW other people attended.
    It was a very good and informative meeting and the main point was that ALL questions asked got answered FULLY and HONESTLY.
    I was very impressed.
    Even the accounts were answered in every detail.
    It could be apathy within the movement or lack of knowledge of the meeting but surely if we want the brass band world to proceed forward with any power then the attendance at these meetings where future policy decisions are firstly formulated then we should as members show some interest in these meetings.
    I am concerned about the very unequal numbers of bands in the different sections in our region in particular and also the number ratio that qualify for the national finals.
    In some areas some sections only have 6 entries and yet get 2 to qualify for the finals.
    I started a thread on this subject some time ago on TMP and it got very interesting.
    It was very good to find out the progress made by the regional committees and Kapitol promotions on both these two topics and I can now look forward with interest to the implementation of the new rules that will appear with the entry forms for the 2012 area championships.
    I would ask all bandpeople to attend these meetings for the future of our movement.
    Well done Peter Bates for all the work you have done as our regional secretary for the past 12 years and I trust that your successor will have as much enjoyment from the post as you have had.
    Thank you committee for all the work you do on the bands behalf.
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    I agree with you Fred. A most informative meeting, and the one which Peter Bates explained the reason why the Regional Forum turned their backs on the so called UK BBA.

    Now I know what happened I am in total agreement with their actions.

    May I pass on my personal thanks and the thanks of the Boarshurst Band, to Peter for the years of very hard work as Regional Secretary and also my joy at the result of him still serving the North West Area in the capacity of Regional Committee Member. (The trainers will be back at Blackpool).