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    Hi all, Abbey Brass (Abingdon) are about to appoint a new Principle Conductor and as part of the tribute to our retired musical director who devoted 34 years of his life to the band we are looking to commission a piece that is dedicated to him. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on how we go about this...?
    Many thanks
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    Hi Rob

    Initially, I would suggest you seek out some of our talented younger brass band composers (that excludes me!), and give them a brief of what you are expecting from the composition.

    There are members of this forum who will no doubt come along and recommend one or two names to you.

    Good luck with your project.

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    Hi Rob,

    I've sent you a message about this.


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    Thirteen Ball is quite in demand these days and is doing some high profile stuff - you may want to pm him. Played a few of his pieces down the years and can vouch for the quality!
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    There's a wealth of composers out there and we pretty much have our own websites. I would recommend contacting them directly.
    By the way, you could turn it into an opportunity for all by running a short competiton. Given that standard rates per minute is quite high, you may be better off by publishing the competition on the ususal websites, and then getting your band players to perform and then vote on the preferred composition, with a couple of hundred quid as the prize. The winning composer benefits from a bit more publicity, and you benefit by getting your band involved in the whole process, and have a piece that you know that your band can play.
    I know that I would enter.
    Good luck