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    A celebration concert on 22 October will see Crystal Palace Band joined by representatives from bands all over the country, to play a musical tribute to Roger Clements, the band’s former chairman who died earlier this year.

    Roger was well known throughout the brass band world, having been a member of SCABA’s Executive Committee and also SCABA’s representative on the British Federation of Brass Band committee. He joined Crystal Palace Band at the age of 12, becoming Solo Euphonium in 1982 before his death in February 2005. During his 45 years with the band, Roger played under the baton of many musical directors, most notably James Watson and Derek Greenwood.

    The concert, at St George’s Church in Beckenham, will feature a wide selection of music from brass band repertoire as well as some more unusual works. Each of the pieces was a particular favourite of Roger’s and highlights include the Contestor march, Resurgam and the Warsaw Concerto, played by renowned pianist Karl Lutchmayer, who played cornet with the band in the 1980s.

    The band has decided in Roger’s memory to fund the ‘Roger Clements Memorial Prize’ which will be awarded to the best First Section solo euphonium player at SCABA’s autumn contests in Folkestone. The prize, a pewter tankard, will be officially presented to the SCABA Executive Committee at the concert.

    Roger benefited from the help and support offered by the team at St Christopher’s Hospice and so this concert will also include a retiring collection for the charity.

    Michael Gray, musical director of the Crystal Palace Band, said: “Although we all miss Roger this concert is not going to be a morbid affair. Roger would have wanted a celebration of how strong and talented the band is and so our choice of music reflects that. He was dearly loved by all who knew him and that is shown by the fact we have musicians from all over the country, from Blackpool to Eastbourne, coming back in tribute to Roger. We hope that as many people as possible will come to the concert to join us in celebrating Crystal Palace Band, and the musical legacy which Roger has passed on.”

    The concert will be held at St George’s Church, Beckenham, South London, at 7pm. Tickets are £6 and £4 (concessions) and include a glass of wine. There will also be a retiring collection for St Christopher’s Hospice. Tickets are available on the door, or in advance from Rachel Bleach on 020 8776 2520 or mail@crystalpalaceband.co.uk

    For more details please visit www.crystalpalaceband.co.uk
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    As a member of the Crystal Palace Band for 20 years (stand-in conductor for one of them) between 1979-99, I can only echo the words Maggie has written.

    Roger Clements was an absolute giant, (not just in height!) but in what he did for the Crystal Palace Band. He was always the first to make polite conversation with a new band member, he always had a gloriously lyrical euphonium sound that could genuinely bring a tear to your eye and he absolutely loved that band and I like to think the band reciprocated those feelings, each and every one of them that met him. Add to that he was superbly organised in everything he did for the band; as chairman and organiser of CPB's regular foreign trips.

    He didn't suffer fools gladly, and could be quite outspoken, but even then, one was never offended if he had a point to make because it was ALWAYS with the band's interests at heart, not his own. Add to the fact that he was a deeply generous and friendly man and I hope by now you realise just how much (a) the band meant to him and (b) what he meant to the band. The brass band movement lost a genuine banding stalwart and star when he passed away.

    Finances dictate, alas, that I cannot make the trip to Beckenham to see the concert but I would like my thoughts made known to CPB, please and particularly his widow, Janet. I'll be thinking of them and the band on October 22nd.

    RIP Roger Lewis Clements.
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