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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by trombelle, Feb 2, 2004.

  1. trombelle

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    i'm due to undertake some work experiance in a few months and i wondered if anybody knew any contacts, or they themselves, lived in the greater manchester area and would be willing to take me on for a week in june.

    i play the trombone and piano and i'm studying music at college. i would love to see any side of the music industry be it recording, production, retail, performance or promotion.

    im enthusiastic and hardworking (and very honest! :D ) but most of all im passionate about music and would love an oppurtunity to get some hands on experiance.

    PM me if you would like more details or can help in any way!! suggestions of places, people or even just general advice will be much appreciated. over to you...
  2. tewkeshorn

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    Dont know if it helps, but when I did my work experience (many years ago now!), I went to work at a local music publishers and there I got to see a lot of the inner workings from the composers manuscripts right through to the finished product which was really cool. I was playing trumpet at the time and even did some playtesting (geddit) for a new trumpet book and got to choose which pieces to be published in it.

    Not very exciting to some tmp-ers i'm sure but at the time I thought it was really interesting.

    Also worked at a recording studio for a while as well which was quite interesting too. Alas I've not gone for a career in music, I don't think I'd enjoy it so much it if was my job...
  3. trombelle

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    flippin' eck!! what a quick reply!! thanx for that, i hadn't really considered the publishing side of music but quite a few people have mentioned that now so i might just give it a try!!!

    thank you!
  4. Big Twigge

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    Not sure if it'll be any help at all, but one of my friends is currently doing a year in industry working for faber publishing. If you need any contacts I could try her (although shes a bit scatty!)
  5. trombelle

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    just general info on local branches and whether they takeon work experiance students would be much appreciated. cheers!
  6. Big Twigge

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    Have e-mailed the lovely lady (yes I have nothing else to do), we can but wait!
  7. trombelle

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    many thanx!
  8. Lauradoll

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    Where do you live? I'm head of music in a school in Widnes, you'd be more than welcome to visit!!!!
  9. trombelle

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    manchester. im afraid i dont know where Widnes is :oops:
    anywhere near a railway station???
  10. horn1

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    It's probably worth e-mailing someone at the BBC in Manchester. I did some work with the BBC Phil when I was at uni, the contact I had was Martin Maris I think he was the education and community manger (or something!) Have a look on the website for e-mail addresses 'cos I know they do some work experience programs.

    Good Luck!
  11. TheMusicMan

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    Really interesting thread trombelle... nice to see some replies so soon as well - good suggestions also. I am intrigued as to your progress as I'm sure many others will be. Please keep us informed yeah... :)

  12. i was reliably informed (by the principal percussionist) that the BBC Philharmonic do work experience. yeah, you begin the week doing coffee, then move on to a bit of admin work, but by the end of the week, you may well be sat in playing in a rehearsal or something similar. well worth a try, as horn1 said, check the website for an email address. try manchester camerata, Opera North and the Halle orchestras too. im going to have a go when iv finished 6th form and got some time on me hands
    (how much more free time do i need though?!? he asks)
  13. shedophone

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    Do you want me to ask the principal percussionist for you?
    He's my old teacher...
  14. trombelle

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    thank you all for your suggestions, i was pleasantly surprised at the speed of replies too MusicMan!
    Shedophone...if you could ask the percussionist that would be great, tho i have a feeling my trombone teacher is the principal at the halle so i will be having words with her too. :D

    progress to date: applied for a postion at BBC radio via internet and music shops/record companies/composers in manchester.... BEWARE!!! my grovelling letter is on its way. (including the famous Johnny Roadhouse Music...ahhh that would be my dream!)

    anyway, im very lucky to have such a wealth of knowledge helping me out here...keep up the good work everyone!
  15. is roz ur teacher? cool
    andy berryman is top trombone tho
  16. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    I live in Manchester as well. And drive to school........
  17. James McFadyen

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    Well first thing, how old r u? If your young (18 or below) Then I think there will be many places for you to try and do something, at that age all you can hope for is if u keep banging at door, someone will let you in.

    But if I can just say 1 thing, try to narrow down what u want to do. U'll find as u climb up the education ladder, you start specialising.

    I see your interested in lots of things to do without music, I would suggest talking to your careers advisor about these different areas of specialism - there might even be a way combine a few of them!

    Figure out what you want to do, if ur not sure try phoneing some companies within the different fields and ask them questions about the industry, etc, etc.

    Until then keep banging on as many doors as you can while all the time thinking about your number one goal and aim for that.

    The other thing is determination. The music biz is so hard to get into and it takes a strong-willed person to strive to suceed, but like I said, I reakon if you could settle on one area of specialism, you'll make it -don't have to many eggs in lots of baskets, soon as u have ur back turned, someone will pinch them! ;)

    Hope this helps a little, just drawing on my exeriences.
  18. trombelle

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    excellent! im definately interested!

    yer i meant roz, sorri!!!

    thanks for that advice james...i want to have a go at everyting thats my trouble!! i will try an focus tho! :?
  19. Aidan

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    pm me if you want my dad's number. He's a sound engineer there and does a lot of stuff with the Phil and Bands etc.
  20. Big Twigge

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    I'm still in shock that my friend replied :eek: she suggested Bridgewater Hall and passed on a contact name and address there. Not sure how much use it'll be too you (hopefully some!) but have pm'd the details to you anyway!

    Good luck!