A Big Thank You To Skelmanthorpe

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  1. So here I was, flown back to England to see my folks for the weekend, when my brother in law mentioned that Skelmanthorpe had a concert on saturday night. Forced into a choice of sitting in and blubbing at the Festival of Remembrance on tv or go to a band concert, my first since the Areas in March.
    As we arrived at said concert early, I helped out with the stands and then proceeded to aid the percussionists in setting up. As I was generally helping/getting in the way, a remark was made along the lines of "So do you play a bit of percussion then?", to which I naturally replied "Errrrrm, well I did it at Uppermill 2 years ago on Harmony Music" (again making a nuisance of myself more than helping the band). To which came the reply "Right, we're a man short, have you got a black shirt?".
    Bearing in mind I was dressed in jeans and brown boots, I answered that if they could find a shirt I would make 1 in - to which my everso helpful brother in law replied that he had a spare!
    Still not thinking they would actually agree to this, I said no worries.......
    After the first 2 pieces, I realised it wasn't a joke and there I was on stage with the band - band looking all shiny and sparkling, me looking like some kinda refugee from a fashion war!!!!
    Anyways, as the concert was going well, I ended up on timps for the "Sky" rock-version of Toccata, and lo and behold, doesn't John Roberts stand the percussionists up at the end!

    Long story short, thanks very much Skel, you made my saturday night and it was great to see all my friends again.

    Andy, considering buying sticks (just in case!!!!)
  2. Andy

    Great to see you, many thanks for helping out! We had a few borrowed players last night for various reasons, so thanks to all the borrowed, Denise on Sop etc etc. Our "black shirt" policy is a useful alternative to the full dress uniform.....

    Glad you enjoyed! Safe journey back and see you soon!


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    I was there at uppermill 2 years ago. Andy was supposed to be sat next to me, however had just re-surfaced from hospital so was deemed unfit to play. (Think it was a popped eardrum weren't it?)

    Glad to see you've not lost your touch on 3rd perc Andy lad. Even if las time I was there you did give the tam-tam a bit of 'J. Arthur Rank' right behind my head so I was deaf as a post for days afterwards!!!