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    Hi All,

    I didn't know where to add this thread, but I haven't actually ever said hello, so perhaps now would be a good time.

    I'm a lecturer and Teacher Fellow at the University of Lincoln and I'm currently undertaking research into brass bands. I'd really like to make contact with and study a band in Norway. What I'd need would be the ability to have a contact with someone who's willing to spill the beans about society, culture and the brass band scene in Norway and then maybe if possible to make a short visit to get some recordings. Reciprocal visits could easily be arranged (I just thought of that!). We already have a brilliant young cornettist from Norway playing with us for a while, who I'm also hoping to rope into the research!

    Any standard of band considered, but it must be a British style brass band - i.e no flutes!

    Offers please.

    Feel free to PM me if you want


    Sue Grau
    Foss Dyke Band
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    Hi Sue!

    Why don't you PM me a bit more details and I will see if I could direct you to the right people or bands here in Norway.

    Morten E. Hansen
  4. Aidan

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    Hi Sue (and Morten ;))
    I could do a bit of the same.

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