90th Anniversary Looking for all ex Tullis Players

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    Hi All

    2009 is the 90th anniversary of the Tullis Russell Mills Band and to mark this historic event in the bands history a few events are being organised and the management team would like to hear from all ex TR players so you can be part of the celebrations. It is hoped to stage a Gala Concert in Glenrothes later in the year featuring the current band and then a massed band with ex players. Even if you are no longer playing we would like to hear from you and have you along on the night.

    Also if you have any good photographs of the band or interesting stories (which can be published) then we would love to hear from you. Regardless of your reasons for moving on from TR you will be welcomed to take part in this one off historic event.

    Please contact Steven Craig at


    Giving your name, the time that you played with the band (i.e. 79 - 84) what instrument you played, your age and if you are still playing.

    Regular updates will be posted on the TRMB website and on here and in the press to keep everyone informed of how plans are going.

    Look forward to hearing back from all you ex TR players.

    Steven Craig
    Events Coordinator
    Tullis Russell Mills Band