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    "At its highlight, from the 1950s to the 70s, they employed a workforce of around 700 people, who were making over 1,000 instruments a day."

    1000 a day!!! that seems way to high, say 5 days a week x 48 weeks a year = 240,000 per year !!!
  3. DaveR

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    I haven't read the article yet, but they used to make flutes at Edgware too. Maybe they are not just counting brass instruments?
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    I was thinking that, but even if you allow for 50+ types of instrument (counting varieties of wind, brass, percussion, organs etc.) that is still over 100 of each a week. 100 BBb Basses a week! :eek:
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    True. I miscounted the numbers involved myself! Still, I think they could probably produce maybe 200 flutes a week, and less basses?
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    Mind you, the Guardian isn't known for it's accuracy of printing (hence it being known in Private Eye as the Grauniad, after it mispelt it's own name!). Maybe they meant 100 instruments a week? Or 1000 a month. Both of which would be more plausible...
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    Just had a look at the Horniman museum website and I've just learned that I actually play a "Conical Bore Lip Vibrated Aerophone" - COOL!
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    Also bear in mind that a lot of those instruments ( woodwind, brass and percussion ) where for export. I still remember going to edgware as a lad of 15 to get my first trumpet ( My mum worked for B&H for many years ) and getting a tour of the factory. At that time quite a lot of the woodwind was still produced there.
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    I saw this on sunday at the Horniman Museum as part of their exhibition on the history of boosey and hawkes! Small exhibition, but I enjoyed it!
  10. Anno Draconis

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    Apparently they used to make all sorts, including accordions, hammond organs, drumkits, etc. When you consider that they would still have been the instrument manufacturer of choice for most of the empire in the 50s and 60s it sounds more reasonable. Plus if you count stuff like recorders and harmonicas, and count every item in a drum kit as a separate instrument, I'm pretty sure it would be accurate.
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    I wanna see Mister 4X4 play it!
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    I was told that this was one of a pair made at the time, the other was sold to somewhere in the States.
    Imagine turning up with both for a contest:D
  13. Will the Sec

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    Yeah, but are BBBb basses allowed in a brass band??? :rolleyes:
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    Perhaps that's the one in Harvard University's bandroom. I turned up there off a business trip a few years ago and gave it a blow. It wouldn't play in tune; I've heard since that the bell end has been found to be blocked up with a lump of carpet or something, which would explain it. (OK, my incompetence would explain it too, but I know which explanation I prefer.;) )
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    Do Wick make a 1/4L mouthpiece or, anyone else, an equivalent?

    Brown noise city he we come LOL

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