6 nations 2012

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  1. Rambo

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    The first games are over.
    My overview would be, a predictable win for France we still do not know what they will do under pressure.
    A fantastic game in Ireland between two quality teams great win for the Welsh
    The worst standard of rugby ever seen in the six nations between Scotland and England. Scotland threw the win to England on a plate, how many mistakes in the attcking 22?

    England are paying the price for too many non English players in the premiership especially in key positions.
  2. 08cbinns

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    We shouldnt expect anything from England as its a young side who haven't had enough time to bond together, its all in preparation for the 2015 world cup. That said, England still played 'shoddily' and there were far too many basic errors, especially for international rugby.
    Pains me to say this but i think Wales will be right up there.
    France did play well but it was against a poor Italian side who looked out of match practise.
    Cant see Scotland doing anything, unless they sort their handling out!
    1. Wales
    2. France
    3. Ireland
    4. England
    5. Scotland
    6. Italy
    With any luck, England may finish higher up :)
  3. kiwiinoz

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    I for one cant wait for the rugby league to start ..............
  4. P_S_Price

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    sounds like similar problems internationally to another sport with a round ball
  5. Cantonian

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  6. P_S_Price

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    Cricket - No they just then find some obscure english relative and make the player captaine ;)
  7. Thirteen Ball

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    Based on the first three games how about we send england and scotland home, and have wales and ireland play each other some more?
  8. ploughboy

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    Yeah, I agree with Andi, I think it'll be Wales & Ireland at the top of the table, probably followed by France then England, with the spoon yet again going to Scotland or Italy. . . Give England a little time though, there was some better running and attacking the line than in recent years, nice to see a slightly more mobile pack too. For me the biggest England improvement has been cutting out the penalties we were giving away, we have been handing every opposition side a 9-15 point advantage in every game, the World cup been the worst set of games for this!
  9. 08cbinns

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    It felt quite strange not giving a penatly away within the first 30 seconds!
  10. IanHeard

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    A bit of Celtic hyperbole here I reckon.
    Lets not forget that despite being a fantastic spectacle, the Six Nations is a second rate tournament in the big scheme of things, it`s only purpose I can see is to engender a false sense of superiority in your average Welsh and Irish rugby fan only for that to blow up in their faces come the World Cup.
    The fact that England won the Six Nations last year whilst being intrinsically pants only proves my point.
  11. Thirteen Ball

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    Really. So what does it prove that wales made a world cup semi final then?

    I suppose you'll probably argue that the european teams all ended up in one half of the draw, and that's true, but they can only beat what's put in front of them.

    And they only lost the 3rd place playoff by a penalty.....
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  12. IanHeard

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    ...and both teams lost to southern hemisphere teams in the group stages too, hardly in the class of the last Northern hemisphere team to cut the mustard on the world stage (Woodwards England 2003) is it?
  13. Rambo

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    I think reference to any Celtic 'rose coloured glasses' this year is a little rich Ian. Yes you can look back to 2003 and Wales could look back to the 70's but what is the point. The fact is (and I tried to be tactful before) is that the current English team contributed to probably the worst standard of any 6 nations game ever ( second rate competition or not).
    The lions next year, which English players will make the squad? ( very few) and I can absolutely see the test team not having a single English player in the starting 15.
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  14. IanHeard

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    No need to be tactful Rambo! :)
    You`ll get no argument from me about the current state of the England team, I did say we were pants last year.(although we were still good enough to beat your lot at the millenium!)
    One thing is for certain though there won`t be a six nation`s team able to compete with the `Big Boys` down south until England get their **** together again, that`s just the way it is I `m afraid.
    Your claim that the Calcutta Cup match was probably the worst 6 Nation match ever is hard to quantify, but I reckon Wales`s standard in it`s wooden spoon year ran it pretty close.
    My only contention with your OP was your comment about Wales and Ireland being "quality", in a northern hemisphere context you could be right, but in a worldwide context probably not.
    The standard of the Lions seems to have suffered with demise of the England team, what does that tell you?
  15. Tata brass

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    Blimey, Rugby getting as subjective and one eyed as contesting!!!

    Couple of points,

    'Our lot' last year against England in the opening match of the year, included 10 different players from the team that started last Saturday. I think we've learned from that and are going in the right direction. I think England are trying to rectify their situation and are looking to the future with the current squad. Time will tell.

    As for not 'competing' with the 'Big boys', what world cup did you watch?

    Wales competed against SA and should have won.

    Ireland beat Australia.

    France competed against NZ and should have won.

    Some, and I'll be diplomatic by not naming them, northern hemisphere sides can more than compete with the 'big boys', beating them regularly is another matter!!

    I would agree though, a strong Lions team will always need a strong English contribution (Except of course when you have 7 or 8 Welsh geniuses, and David Duckham).
  16. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    Interesting spin there Tata, and to be accused of being "one-eyed" by a Welsh rugby fan is irony in the extreme!:)
    Your argument re. the world cup seems to be based on shudda wudda cudda as far I can see, clearly your idea of 'competing' is different to mine, glorious defeat must be a Welsh thing.
  17. Tata brass

    Tata brass New Member

    No such thing as 'Glorious defeat' for most of us, especially if we are beaten by a team in white containing Shonteyne Hape and Dylan Hartley( 2 of the worst internationals ever, and believe me we've had a few, both imported and born and bred!!!). NH do compete but dont win often enough, nothing shudda etc about it. I think we both agree on the same end result.:)

    WE are never one eyed!! we're either Best or Worst at everything we do!!!!

    Good luck with the rest of the Championship, and hopefully by Twickenham we'll have our full side out, unlike last Saturday;)
  18. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    Twickers will be the acid test of "quality" Wales, back to the drawing board if you lose though, you`ll need your full side as you won`t be able to rely on a dodgy English Ref like you did to sneak past Ireland!:)
  19. Tata brass

    Tata brass New Member

    It's a big enough drawing board,if needed, so no problem there.Loads of really good youngsters coming through.

    Lets hope we can maintain 3 or more tries a game and God forbid, kick some points and keep 15 men on the pitch. Just simple rugby pre-requisites will be good. I just hope. against anyone, we wouldnt be as accomodating as Scotland were last Saturday.

    Will reserve judgement on how 'acid' a test England are until they have at least reached an 'adequate' level;)

    regards, Selwyn.
  20. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    What level would that be?...my aspirations for England are slightly higher than Wales (no disrespect) could ever achieve.
    In the words of the Bard....you`ve never won **** all! :)