5 in a row for Willebroek at Belgian Nationals

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    With thrilling perfomances of the set piece, Bourgeois' "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea", and their own choice piece, Graham's "Journey to the Centre of the Earth", Brass Band Willebroek, conducted by Frans Violet, was once again crowned National Champion during the Belgian Brass Band Championships in Brussels, on Sunday November 27th. It's already their 5th consecutive victory in Brussels and their win means that they will be representing Belgium in the European Brass Band Championships to be held in Belfast next year.

    In the other sections, the titels went to Noord-Limburgse Brass Band (1st section), Brass Band Campine (2nd section) and Brass Band Heist (3rd section). Adjudicators John Berryman (2nd and 3rd section, together with Goff Richards) and David Read (Championship and 1st section together with Fred Harles) congratulated all participants on the high level of playing. David Read, who has adjudicated in the Belgian nationals several times in the past, especially mentioned the big leap in quality of the Belgian bands in the last decade and admitted that some of the day's performances ranked amongst the finest performances he ever heard in a contest.

    Filip Santy, technical director of the organizing Flermish Amateur Music Association (Vlamo) also referred to the increasing quality of our bands, (not only the brass bands, but also wind and fanfare bands). He refered to the recent Belgian successes at international contests like the European Brass Band Championships and the World Music Contest in Kerkrade. "Quality music is becoming a new export product of Flanders", he concluded in his speach.

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    some pictures:

    Young Brass Band Willebroek (with the very young 2nd and 3rd cornets seated in the front row, and the more experienced solo cornets in the back, including soprano cornet Mark Goris and Principal Cornet Jef Vermeiren)

    Noord-Limburgse Brass Band (Conductor Ivan Meylemans and flugel horns Steven Schuurmans and Caroline Winters, seated in front of the solo cornets and tenor horns during "Between the Moon and Mexico")

    Metropole Brass Band (back row - soprano cornet Steven Devolder)

    Brass Band Willebroek (front row - Raf Van Looveren and Kris Binon)

    Brass Band Willebroek - soprano cornet Bert Van Thienen ready to start the CD player for the whispering sounds in "Journey to the Centre of the Earth"

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