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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by BIG Paul, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. BIG Paul

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    I have been approached recently by a local company director who is interested in sponsoring the band. He does not say how much or what is wanted in return.

    After the band played at a family birthday party, he approached me again and asked me to find out what other deals similar bands have received.

    before you all say grab as much as you can, I intend to.

    Can any body help with sensible suggestions or examples of what is required for differeing amounts of sponsorship.
  2. peatair

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    The word "Sponsorship" could cover a huge variety of possible arrangements. Some points / questions come to mind:

    Sponsors usually require some "advertising" to result from their input - e.g. change of the band name to include the name of the sponsor, perhaps a number of special concerts each year etc.

    Ask - to what extent will the sponsor wish to be involved in the management of the band - e.g. a seat on the committee, right to see accounts, a say in decisions etc.

    What is the sponsor prepared to give to the band? Some will require an individual approach about every item of expenditure whilst others will be prepared to donate a sum of money each year and basically let you get on with it.

    Do you have other donors at present? If you get a sponsor, will you keep those others?

    Will a sponsorship agreement have to be drawn up? If so, will there be costs involved?

    It might be better to start of steadily rather than grab everything going! If you are lucky, the sponsorship will then grow.

    Just a few thoughts ............... but great to hear that you have been made an offer .....
  3. TheMusicMan

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    Great news for your band Paul... congrats on that. Let's hope this comes off for you.

    I'd say that exactly what you involve the band in re the sponsorship deal depends largely on the nature of the sponsors business. If they are very busy entertaining clients, or running promotional events... or if they are in marketing etc - they may find that to use your band at these events is a great way to generate interest in them.

    I'd suggest finding out exactly what it is that makes (a) this company tick and (b) this Director tick... that way you can bespoke a strategic sponsorship plan that meets their requirements AND yours.

    Apologies if this sounds patronising - and I really don't mean it to be, but you have to put your pragmatic business head on here. You have to prepare a business plan that looks attractive to the potential sponsor. You can show them how you would promote their company message, how you could help them identify revenue opportunities and how you can help them take advantage of those opportunities already identified where your band in involved.

    Ask about getting involved further at the events where they want you to attend. Show an interest on behalf of the sponsoring company to any of their clients etc. i.e. wear a two-sided hat where on the back is your band and on the front is your sponsoring company. Offer to have someone available for them to use and talk to at events, someone who can deal in business development, marketing and promotion etc... If you talk their talk to their clients... they will love you - and most certainly come back for more.

    Get to know them, develop a sound and pragmatic relationship with them... WOW them... meet their requirements and make them feel what your band have to offer in terms of helping them promote their message "out there" is a no-brainer....:)

    In summary - look for the win-win situation.;)

    Good luck, let me know if I can help and do let us know how you get on.
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  4. BIG Paul

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    Both these messages brought up items i hadn't thought about so thank's very much.

    What I think the guy wants is examples of what other bands have done eg

    £250 = mention in all band generated programmes

    £500 = above plus link to their web site from ours

    £10,000 (I wish) adding name to band name

    although he has intimated that he does not want to go as far as changing the band name. Many years ago the band did have a sponsors name attatched to it.

    Still hoping others can help.

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