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  1. My band are, I think, slightly unusual as we don't bother attending the area contests as a matter of course. As we do around forty concerts a year, we've got other things to work on, and if the piece is a bit lame we prefer to get an own choice up, and play that at two or three contests. And one or two of the 4th section pieces certainly have been a bit lame over the years!

    So, not wanting to splash out £60 on a piece we're might not like, and hence use, has anyone out there had a look or listen to the 4th section piece? Any comments on it? I generally like Alan Fernies stuff a lot, and it seems to suit our band, but I don't know this one.


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    I bought it in Harrogate. I think it's a great choice for 4th section. Everyone in the band gets 'a bit'. Not only that but it's nice to listen to. Sometimes I think selectors forget that the 4th section audiences want to hear something good, and Anglian Dances I would use in a concert programme, parts of it anyway!

    Well done selectors this year, the piece is a bit meaty and sounds great too. Job well done!
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    I think it's a good choice of piece from a neutral listeners point of view, it's certainly pleasant enough a piece to hear, but I think from a contesting perspective it's made the 4th section a bit of a lottery (if it wasn't already) because I can't see that many bands not being able to play it all and play it all quite well. 95% of the bands that take it on will be more than capable of playing all the notes in the piece so it really is going to be down to which interpretation of it the adjudicator likes best on the day. The band that puts the most light and shade and life in to it should walk it.

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    Which in Yorkshire of course will be the Emley!!!

    I agree with the above, having listened to it, and very briefly seen it at Emley it should be a piece all 4th section bands can play, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it means bands, junior bands that may otherwise not have entered can now enter.
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    Well ya big flatterer!! :oops: