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  1. subtlevib

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    Ok, so when is 4br going to acknowledge the existence of any other areas than the North West and Yorkshire? Previews? None as yet. Line up? None as yet, but the 'RE-views' keep coming.

    Hello 4br - there is life south of Sheffield.

  2. Posh

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    I think the North West Area predictions only went on 4br on the Thursday before the contest.
  3. 4thmandown

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    In fairness, this is the busiest time for 4BR by a country mile. I've been very impressed with what they've produced so far. It's not an easy task to ensure that all the information on the bands is accurate, let alone trying to make some objective comments and predictions, as they would be picked up on and the 4BR team lambasted from pillar to post for not doing their research properly. i just hope they don't put the kiss of death on my band!;-)
  4. davethehorny

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    Doesn't stop their previews and predictions from being eagerly awaited and other than the Welsh Area all the rest of the regions have listed their entries weeks ago.

    I wonder if the Welsh Area preview will appear quicker than the three that are taking place this weekend?
  5. James Yelland

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    Yeah, you'd expect better from a free service, wouldn't you? Where is their sense of duty towards This Great Movement Of Ours?

    Mind you, their coverage is better than BBW's. I pay £40 odd quid to get the mag and so far I haven't seen a single word about the areas - previews, reviews, reports, results - nothing. A disgrace, I call it. In fact, I'm thinking of offering my writing services free of charge to them to help improve their coverage - how about you?
  6. Bayerd

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    No news is good news, at least you can't disagree with what they say...
  7. The Runners and Riders for Scotland have been posted on here (by myself) and some details about what has been happening in Scotland with conductors etc etc. See http://www.themouthpiece.com/vb/showthread.php?45793-Paddy-s-Scottish-Area-2012 Not as definitive as 4 bars rest would do but certainly done by someone who has heard every band in Scotland over the last 12 months.

    But to be fair to 4barsrest they do a great job, and its all free. I heard a very good comment last week that bands really don't take any notice of the 4 barsrest predictions but as soon as they get off stage are rushing to get the iphones to see what 4 bars rest said about them................

    The Scottish Critic
  8. critic

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    im sure the reviews will be up soon. only one pair of hands and all that!
  9. Bob Sherunkle

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    But Mr Yelland, as you are always banging on about your distaste for contests I would have assumed you would happily pay double this amount to subscribe to a magazine that doesn't cover them!

    Personally I prefer Big Hooters Monthly. A must-read for the discerning low brass player.

    Kind regards

  10. bumper-euph

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    Rumour is they are just putting the finishing touches to the interview with the head cleaner on his verdict on the days affairs..........
  11. johnflugel

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    How much do you pay to use 4barsrest?
  12. James Yelland

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    You're right of course, as one would expect from the Voice of Reason. In my defence, I did write the post late at night, at which point drink had, I admit, been taken.

    The only thing which stops me from offering to pay double for BBW is that its back page always has a column by some bloke who thinks he's funny, but isn't. Frankly, I think you'd do a better job than him.
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  13. Anno Draconis

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    No, there isn't. There, discussed it ;)

    I've just realised that by BBW you meant Brass Band World. I really must spend less time on the internet...
  14. boourns

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    The fact that a service is free should not mean it is beyond criticism. This argument is trotted out time and again where 4BR are concerned, as if they were somehow doing it altruistically rather than to make money.

    However, in this case I don't agree with the criticism. Their coverage has been pretty good so far, and I'm sure previews etc for the other areas will be up soon. They don't normally put anything up more than a couple of days or so before the event.
  15. James Yelland

    James Yelland Active Member

    Quite so. It's just that very often (as in this and many other cases which have appeared on this forum) what might have been reasoned, constructive criticism comes over merely as whining ingratitude.

    I for one have never suggested an altruistic motive for those who run 4BR - on the contrary, it seems to be the implicit argument of those who complain about its perceived deficiencies that the website OUGHT to be run for altruistic reasons, devoting themselves to the service of bandsmen. The problem is, it doesn't pay the bills. Making money isn't something to be ashamed of. I do it myself - don't you? Making money keeps 4BR afloat as a commercial enterprise and enables Mr Fox and his team to pay their mortgages and bills and no doubt keep them in other little luxuries like food and clothing. In other words, they're just like you and me.

    4BR's money comes (I presume) principally from advertisers and sales of goods and services. Not one penny comes from the readership -it's free to read. Nobody has to read it, and other outlets for news and comment on brass band matters are available, albeit at a price.

    There is an old proverb about not looking gift horses in the mouth and it's as relevant today as it ever was. It's just good manners really.
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  16. stevetrom

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    Why don't we try predicting the 4br predictions?
  17. Bob Sherunkle

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    Well Jim, now it's my turn to agree with you. He is dreadful isn't he? Even the usually mild-mannered MusicMan of this parish was once moved to described it as "inane drivel, which BBW portrays as a humorous column" and frankly he was being charitable if you ask me.

    Having said that I have heard some people find the column vaguely amusing and apparently Jeremy Wise is a big fan . There's just no accounting for taste is there?

    As for me doing a better job. Now you are just being silly.

    You on the other hand seem to be well-informed, opinionated and to know your way around a grammatical construction. I definitely think you should offer your services to the BBW editor, although you might have to turn down the acerbic sarcasm a bit for banding's glossiest publication.

    Who knows, maybe you could be banding's Littlejohn!

  18. Red Elvis

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    That's easy for L&SC. They'll give Redbridge , Aveley et al positive comments on stage, but wull still have Dyke and Cory as winners on the day !!:)
  19. Kofi

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    It's up, just go into the articles section and there's some good coverage.
  20. boourns

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    Indeed. As an owner of a small business I'm all in favour of making money, and have never really understood the peculiarly British mentality that it is in some way distasteful. I am absolutely not suggesting they should be doing it altruistically.

    Which is really just another way of saying if you haven't paid for it then don't criticise it.