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    4barsrest band of the year--oh dear (yawn) ........ discuss
    that is all
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    If you don't care about it, why create a thread about it!!! Male chicken springs to mind.......
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    4br boty

    just a bit frustrating that the same names crop up year in year out and there is an obvious bias towards certain bands, I play with these guys all year round and feel that it would be nice for some of the unsung heroes and dedicated bandsman to get a mention but there we go..
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    is that because the same names perform year in year out on a consistent level? every team is bound to have players that they feel should get a mention. or players themselves who want the spotlight. In years to come maybe when it's been done year in year out by these guys they'll get their mention and 15 minutes of fame.
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    To be fair to the thread, there is a point, there are just as many good players playing outside of the top bands that always get mentioned, I could name plenty of players outside the top bands that have played just as well as those already mentioned in the 4br account, but they wear the wrong jacket on stage or play in the wrong area, therefore get overlooked.
  7. James Yelland

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    All of the categories in the 4BR Awards have a 'none of these' option with a box for you to type in your own nominations, so away you go. 4BR can't be expected to know what old Reg Mucklethwaite has been doing for the past 90 years for the Little Sodbury Silver Band - unless you tell them!
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    Some things don't make sense ... Cory still lead the 4BR bank rankings but Bob Childs isn't included in the selection for best conductor. Odd! I nominated him in the "other" box. :confused:
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    Not for Band of the Year. This is purely 4barsrest's nominations.

    Me too.
  10. James Yelland

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    No, that's not correct. Go to the voting form, pull down the drop down list and you will find one of the options as 'none of these'. There is a box below where you can enter your nomination.

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    I did understand the thread but sorry for any confusion. I thought Mr Yelland realised the nature of this‚Äč thread that's why I said we had no input into 4barsrest Band of the Year as it was for individual players as suggested by them.
  13. DublinBass

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    Don't think I'd select nearly the same All-Star band.

    Lots of international players this year...more than I can remember in past years. Curious if they are doing that to light a fire under some bandsmen's bums or if they are basing that on results on recent European Championships?

    A bit surprised that Florida have two players listed and neither band that won a US contest (Atlantic and Fountain City) does.
  14. James Yelland

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  15. Bayerd

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    I presume that's because they'll have only heard Florida this year when they came over for BIC and probably haven't heard either Atlantic or Fountain City at all.
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    It does seem that unless you are visible in a major contest in the UK or Europe you don't have much chance of getting a mention.
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    Maybe they heard Fountain City at the All England Masters in May?
  18. johnflugel

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    EH? So you're saying player can only be nominated if their band wins something. Could it be something to do with Dublin players not making the final 4BR cut?

    On a wider note, why do people get upset about these nominations????
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    A politically correct celebration of mediocrity.
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    Nicely put.

    - Mr Wilx