4br awards 2014

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  1. hobgoblin

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    Any sign of the results yet? Apart from the usual favorite welsh band/conductor, and best/most relentless self publicist awards I'd be interested to see what the chosen CD's are as they are usually well worth borrowing/buying. Interestingly most of the nominations this year seem to be based on innovation and talent rather than sycophancy, so hopefully some treats in store (fingers crossed).
  2. simonium

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    Their choice of special award is brilliant. Inspired sycophancy. I look forward to seeing how Mike Shenton organises half of Black Dyke to come to Cornwall
    in the spring almost as much as trying to second guess which bands in the vicinity will provide the deps needed. Ridiculous award for a man who probably has an easier job than any other secretary of any other band.
  3. Masterblaster jnr

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    It's like reading my slanderous, thoughtless and uneducated posts when I used to post on here aged 12.

    I'm sure it's just a slip of the memory, for someone clearly with such an inside knowledge about my band to make those comments, but of course it's the Principal players in the band that are responsible for booking deputy players in their sections. We were very busy doing so during December, in fact, with 2 (two) deps having to be booked across the span of 8 Christmas concerts.

    It must be an easy job organising travel, hotels, rehearsal venues, concert promotion, registration, meetings, insurance and all the day to day runnings of a band with around 40 concerts a year, many abroad dealing with limited English - that being said, as simple as that all is, Mike is doing an outstanding job. In his position you know you're doing well if you go unnoticed and the 4 years so far i've been with the band have run seamlessly. Compliments of the season.
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    Ooh goodness me! Nerve. Touched.
  5. 2nd tenor

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    I'm sure you must be seeing something hidden to me as your posts are usually sound. Anyway, as a usless player I know nothing of Black Dyke's depressingly high skill and being poor their concerts are (understandably) out of my limited price range.

    Looking at the BD website (http://www.blackdykeband.co.uk/events?page=2) I don't see any trip to Cornwall listed (?) and the 4 bars rest website (http://www.4barsrest.com/articles/2014/1474.asp) shows, to my mind anyway, someone with rather a lot on their plate. I note that the band will be travelling over the channel several times in 2015 and thirtyseven events were listed, the bulk seem some distance away from Dewsbury and about 50% look like an overnight stay will be needed by the players. Is that really easy logistics to organise (?) and then there will be other tasks. Surely he's up there with the best ?

    Please do explain a bit further as you will have your reasons and no doubt the little information I add above doesn't show the full picture or anywhere near enough for an informed opinion to be formed. Whatever, your posts are usually (IMHO) good.
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  6. hobgoblin

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    Easy to single out this award for critisism / sycophancy, as there is of course no vote/opposition. I'm sure the logistics of organising Dyke are massive, as are the expenses unless you can fill an end chair with a free 'lucky to be there' malleable teeny. However, I would also suggest that the work involved in making sure the average 4th section band like mine has more than 12 players at a job requires at least as much work. Different problems requiring different solutions, but perhaps just as much selfless unpaid (mostly) work. Sadly there is no vote / nomination for the hundreds of other band secretaries -which I think is simoniums point.
  7. Bbmad

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    All this controversy regarding Dyke pales into insignificance. The real question is, how will our beloved Grimey possibly afford their big trip down under with fees of ahem (allegedly) 600 quid per performance for their principals.
    I just wonder if a whip round at Butlins might be neccesary, or maybe a half hearted exercise in futility on BBC Radio 4 might do the trick?
  8. Bbmad

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    Obviously the best band will have to go to Cory, or Tredegar, Tongwynlais or actually who cares, Rhonnda Valley Silver 'B' 'Junior Band' might as well win it.

    Award for "most internet bandwidth space taken up on 4 bars rest whilst fawning over a brass band 'celebrity'"must surely go to David Childs. Doubtless (in my mind) the best brass player in the world but really? Do we really need to know his every movement? Either DC is feeding everything to 4BR or they have some sort of U2 drone following him. Quite nauseating.

    What else? Ah yes, marks deducted for a website that had not offered any readers comments since August. Come on Mr Fox, please try harder.

    Ah yes, irreverent award of the year, the 4BR editorial team for the most lame attempt at 'nobodies that look vaguely like people you have never heard of'

    Actually, thinking about it, what on earth does 4BR really have to offer?

    I might actually put it forward to to the BBC that 4BR be used for the guest publication round of Have I Got News for You as quite frankly to whole thing must surely be a terrible joke.

    Yours disgruntled
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  9. I believe that the whole trip has been sponsored...
  10. Ianroberts

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    Im planning a foreign jolly for me and mrs next month, anyone fancy sponsoring it ? The trip will in the main be to promote the typical English lifestyle (so possibly there may be some grant funding available), we will give daily demonstrations of applying sun cream, the art of attracting foreign waiting on staff with the one syllable "Oi, you !"

    The tradition of downing copious amounts of lager will also be touched on.

    So come on, sponsor us folks.
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  11. hobgoblin

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    £600 per performance?! I doubt it. Can you honestly see the folk at the other end of the sections giving the same time and commitment for petrol money /expenses if this were the case? No chance - even to be 10th cornet, 3rd Horn, 2nd bari in a band like that you'd have to know all the fingerings and be able to play ok.
    Anyway back on topic - when are the 4br results announced?
  12. tallyman

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    Well I for one am pleased that that black dyke's helper has been acknowledged with this fantastic award, I am also happy to hear Grimethorpe are considering Australia for the summer.
  13. hobgoblin

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    You have my sincere congrats too Mr Shenton - I'm sure you do a lot to earn it , most of which goes unseen. I see there are a few other nominees within your band so I'm sure you are as eager as I am to know the other results. Showing a bit of class wishing the local rivals luck with the Oz trip too. Enjoy your award and all the best for 2015.
  14. tallyman

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    Its like READING your LIBELOUS, thoughtless and uneducated posts.
  15. 2nd tenor

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    Point of explanation:


    As I understand things (now I'm really old) slander is said libel is written.
  16. hobgoblin

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    Maybe it would be a bit of fun to have an alternative '4br awards' set of nominations and categories? I seem to remember a spoof '4br' live twitter feed from butlins that raised a chuckle at the time.
  17. tallyman

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    brassbandleaks are running a much more honest set of categories and nominations.... not sure women are allowed an opinion though.
  18. Masterblaster jnr

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    I'll ignore the fact that you spelt 'it's as 'its' whilst correcting my grammar, as it's irrelevant and everyone understands what you meant.

    The 4br awards state that the results will be announced on Monday 5th January for those interested in the date.

    I for one think it's a shame BBE haven't received much of a mention, Mike Kilroy and co., with their new makeover helping so many bands work towards funding and grant applications, I know many local communities and bands around where I live that have been supported by the organisation. Great work!
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  19. tallyman

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    Thanks for your compassion.
  20. hobgoblin

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    We have to wait until the 5th! I think I'll burst with the excitement like an overdone sausage before then. I've not heard BBE play, but I know mike Kilroy is a super Euph player so I'm sure they are great.