4barsrest newcomer of the year nomination

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  1. jockinafrock

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    Absolutely chuffed to bits with our nomination for the Newcomer of the Year award! :D We're up against stiff opposition, but if you'd like to help us get this award please follow the link and vote for Fodens! :clap:


    4barsrest quote

    Foden’s Solo & Quartet Competition

    Not often top level brass bands decide to really invest in grass roots banding, but Foden’s is leading the way – especially with this new solo & quartet competition in their home town of Sandbach.
    The format may have been traditional, but the link to local businesses (including the chance to have a spin in a top of the range Audi sports car), the sense of inclusiveness and constructive competition was the key to its undoubted success.

    A foundation stone was laid on which a major event can be built.
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  2. its_jon

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    A great start to the year :clap:
  3. Jan H

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    My band's conductor, Ivan Meylemans, is nominated for Conductor of the Year (mostly for his work with the Noord-Limburgse Brass Band), so while you're at it, vote for him too please :)
    And that Glenn Van Looy should be Player of the Year goes without saying. I guess his solo-CD arrived just a bit too late to be nominated for that category as well, but it's fantastic.
  4. hicks

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    Well if we're mentioning conductors, then I've got to say ours has done rather well. David Johnson conducted Aldbourne in wins at the West Of England Area, Senior Trophy at Blackpool, and the 1st section National Finals. That is a fantastic year by any standards, and deserves recognition.
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  5. Independent Silver Band

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    Is anyone allowed to vote. I am asking more out of curiosity as I would not be qualified to make an assessment.
  6. jockinafrock

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    Hi! Anyone can vote in any of the categories, but only one vote per household computer. Lots of good competition for the prozes again this year! ;) Just go on 4 barsrest website.