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  1. If you should get bored and want to spend a few hours having a chuckle - try:


    You must in the past have received an email from Nigeria telling you that you can receive x million dollars, just to clear some funds through your bank account...?

    Well this guy - scams em back - in big style.

    In the "Letters Archive" section are all the emails passing to and fro on about 30 scams.

    This one had me laughing for nearly two hours! "Another ******** scambait". Title obviously edited by myself.......

    I have been reading this site for about four hours now and am only about a quarter of the way through........

    It was all featured this morning on BBC radio - the guy who owns the site has today launched his new book.

    Honestly - it is a total Howl!
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    So good! I just read the one transcript involving Ben Okezie and the wood sculptures! :clap:
  3. Flutey

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    I read that one too! Classy, nice to know someone can outsmart the scammers!