400 Voices and 150 Brass Players

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    The Band of the West Mercia Constabulary have organised a Charity Gala Concert on behalf of the Birmingham Childrens Hospital at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham on 22nd October, 2006.
    The hospital needs to raise £3m. in order to set up a new Burns Unit which will serve the children of the Midlands and Wales. The 150 bandsmen are made up from The West Mercia Band, Tredegar Town Band, who readily agreed to help out for this excellent cause, the Cubbington Silver Band, who volunteered en-bloc to take part, and players from, The City of Birmingham Band, Langley Band, Black Country Brass, Wellington (Telford), Cleobury Mortimer Concert,Alcester Victoria, Avonbank, Shirley, and The West Midlands Fellowship Band. All the bands in the West Midlands Brass Bands Association were invited to send players.
    The 400 voices are made up of four Welsh choirs from Blaenau Gwent, namely Abertillery, Beaufort, Cwm and Ebbw Vale. They will be joined by the West Midland choirs of the Canoldir, Shelfield, The Gentlemen Songsters and Warley. Incidentally, the M.D. of the Warley Choir will be playing baritone with the band!
    In addition to these eight male choirs is The City of Birmingham Young Voices.
    All of the above will come under the direction of Steve Pritchard-Jones, who has been travelling all over the West Midlands and down to Tredegar and Ebbw Vale taking rehearsals with choirs and bands and conducting the Blaenau Gwent contingent in a concert for the Mayor's Appeal in Ebbw Vale. (No wonder he has broken two batons in the last week!!)
    The concert starts at 7pm and tickets can be obtained from the Box Office at Symphony Hall or by contacting West Mercia's Chairman, Eddie Barry on 01562 754397 or 01905 723000.
    It promises to be a good night of music making
    Dai Francis
    Band West Mercia Constabulary
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    As Assistant Sec and Principal Cornet of the West Mercia Police Band I would just like to say a few words about the concert.

    This event promises to be an awsome combination of Brass and voice with a variation of modern and classic styles professionally orchestrated by West Mercia's very own Steve Pritchard-Jones.

    As Dai said this event is in aid of a very good cause and will benefit many of our younger generation who are unfortunate to require the new facility at the Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

    Please do support the event and we all look forward to seeing as many of you as possible
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    We at the City of Brumshire cannot wiat to take our place on the (rather large) stage. :-D

    Should be a superb night...
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    TMP would you come and do a report on it?

    Nice one Oli

    Hopefully see you on the 30th for the big rehearsal:tup

    The support from the other bands and chiors has been great and Steve has put in so much hard work travelling aroun rehearsing the chiors
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    Gala Concert - Symphony Hall (Update)

    For any players involved in the concert with West Mercia Police Band at the Symphony Hall, on the 22nd October and anyone interested in tickets for the event please check out our web site for updated player stage positions and a full list of players.


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    Due to a change in the layout of the cornet section for the concert I have published a complete revised layout on our website if you are playing cornet at the event the please take a look as you will need to know where you are sat for the rehearsal on the 30th Seotember as well.

    Click Here
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    There is now a stage plan for the Right hand side of the stage for the concert published on our site

    Click Here
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    Updated seating plan for the concert

    I have updated the seating plan for the cornets, Euphs, Baritones and Trombones on our website please check it out

    Click Here
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    What pieces of music will be performed at this concert?
  11. GingerMaestro

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    Hi Lisa

    Thanks for the interest.

    just a taster of some of the music we will be playing is:-

    Poet And Peasant
    Thunder and Lightening Polka
    Procession to the Minster
    and much much more....
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    For all of you playing or singing at the event please check out the Symphony hall page on our website http://www.westmerciapoliceband.biz.ly to find out what you need to do when you arrive at the hall

    The day is edging ever nearer, but for those of you who were unable to make the rehearsal on the 30th September, Your last chance to take part in the event (unless arrangements have been agreed with Dai) will be a rehearsal on the 16th October

    See you there
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    Symphony Hall Concert appeal

    Hi There

    If any of you out there were at the Symphony concert by the West Mercia Police Band Tredegar and Choirs, and you have any pictures I could put on our website please contact me by email on mustmart@aol.com

    I have a couple on the site but could do with some more.

    To see the ones I have please click here
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    Well what can I say? WOW!!!!! What a fantastic evening . I bet the Police band are really pleased with the outcome and I bet Steve Pritchard-Jones is over the moon with the reponse he had from both the massed band and the choirs how did he keep them under control and so musical throughout the concert - an amazing musician. My family and I travelled down from the North of England and my young children really enjoyed the music. I wish my band would be as adventerous as yours Martin. Any band that didnt take part last night missed a treat and an opportunity of a lifetime. I also enjoyed the Little Russian Overture performed by Tredegar again WOW!!! what quality. Please pass on my thanks to your band and to Steve Pritchard-Jones for an excellent eveing of quality brass band playing and great male voice singing.
  16. David Francis

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    You are absolutely correct in your assumption. We are delighted with the standard of the concert. It was a pleasure to play with so many committed players, and despite the fact most players were listed in 3rd and 4th section bands the playing on the night was of a much higher standard. As the person responsible for getting them all together I was very proud and more than a little emotional.
    Your comment about the players who were not able to be a part of this really superb event will certainly have missed an exceptional night of music making , bonding and banding comraderie. It certainly was a night to remember, and I have already received about a dozen calls suggesting that we do it again next year.
    At the moment I am very happy to relax and not even think as far ahead as the next band practice.
    All I would like to say is a big, big thankyou to all the West Midland Association players who took part with such enthusiasm,to Tredegar Town Band who graced the event with such professionalism ,to the eight choirs who worked very hard to prepare for the event and of course to our Musical Director, Steve Pritchard -Jones who managed to focus all the participants into producing a memorable concert performance.:clap:
    Dai Francis
    Sec. West Mercia
    Thans to you all
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  17. I can't really add a great deal - I expect all of the readers have gathered that it was just a fantastic night.

    As a fourth section bander, I can't really imagine that I will ever again get that experience again. I know from my years of playing brass, that the "section" of a band does in no way determine the playing ability of individual members - that must surely have been shown at this concert.

    Didn't Jason do well? Working the percussion like a pro - and only 12 years old!

    Please Dai, don't thank us, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in what was for me, a highlight of my life.

    Regarding Steve P.J. - He is an amazing conductor. My thanks go to him also. He took time to travel all round the country, getting the bands and choirs, as he put it "used to his conducting". A very talented man, with modesty........

    The choirs - well I am not a great fan of choirs, but at this event - could anyone have not possibly been moved by those sonorous tones?

    The spirit of the event was shown at the rehearsal - after each "number" was played/sung, the band and the choir, I think competed to show their appreciation of each others singing/playing.

    Just a fantastic day all round.

    PS: If you could, after your well earned rest, consider repeating this event - please include us again at Cubbington Silver Band.
  18. David Francis

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    Thanks for that, but I do thank you most sincerely because you and the other players involved were responsible for the success of the evening. If you and the other volunteers had not been there the whole event would have collapsed.
    It was a great night for brass players of whatever standard who came together to make such a wonderful musical evening. I will never forget the feeling of pride when I looked around me and saw more than 100 enthusiastic and committed players. I shall always remember that feeling.
    thanks again,
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    I would also like to add my thanks to the people who helped organise the concert, particulary Steve P-J and Dai F. It was a truly fantastic night and the quality of the musicianship was outstanding. I don't think I have ever played in such a prestigious venue either. The acoustics are fantastic and you can literally hear every single instrument, wherever you are sat. It made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck! Big thanks to all the people who travelled up from S Wales as well.
  20. GJacko

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    Just for the record, there were also representatives in the band from the Leicestershire BBA, Lynda & Myself. We have an association with Cubbington which we were happy to exploit the relationship to take part in a memorable concert at a great venue.

    Got to say, there is something quite extraordinary about listening to a couple of hundred members of a massed mail voice choir. I really have no idea how many there were, but it was more than a couple of dozen!!

    Congratulations to the organisers, I hope you did manage to raise some money for a very worthwhile charity. Next time ?? , hopefully the hall will be full to capacity and raise even more money.