40 years and not out- shush keep a secret please!

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    Haydn Cooper from Nottinghamshire has been conducting the Huthwaite Band for 40 years this year. To mark the occasion a surprise party/concert has been arranged for him by the band on Friday 4th November at the Jacksdale Welfare, Jacksdale.

    We would like to get as many people who have been involved with Huthwaite Band or perhaps were taught to play by Haydn to the event as possible. However as this is a surprise event please do not discuss with Haydn if you happen to see him.

    Haydn Cooper is well known and respected brass teacher in Nottinghamshire also somewhat unique in that he is the fourth generation of the same family to conduct the Huthwaite Band, which was founded by his Great Grandfather in 1857.

    Fortunately Haydn does not use a computer so no worries regarding him seeing the details.

    If you would like to take part in the surprise concert or just attend the event please call me 07970 490773 or alternatively e mail me on mel-cooper@hotmail.co.uk


    Melanie Cooper
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