4 Eb Basses need age of can anyone help

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by IJK, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. IJK

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    At Ireland we are very lucky to have a great base of instruments. But we are looking to bring in some new ones and as such we have 4 Eb Basses that we have and may be selling but we need to know the ages of these.

    Can anyone help they are Besson and the serial numbers are

    Sovereign 784 - 748903 and 764683
    Sovereign 982 - 748202 and 734736

    Also if you may be interested in these then contact me
  2. youngman

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    The 700 series were bought mid to late eighties (1986 & 1988 ) by the pearsons pottery (chesterfield) band and the sovereigns came from the old ireland colliery band when the bands merged together.
    764683 was my old instrument ! Cheers.

    KEARTON New Member

    Eeb bass

    Hi! I am MD of a recently reformed band in the Yorkshire Dales. We are looking for a SH Sovereign EEb (19" bell) Do you have one for sale and if so how much?
    Many thanks
  4. WorldofBrass.com

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    Mark Carter (otherwise known as Mr Tuba) is likely to be able to help you out. What he doesn't know about tubas isn't worth knowing!
    Telephone; 01633 871506.
  5. IJK

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    Thanks for the replies

    I and others are going down to bandroom tomorrow and will take pictures of the basses and then we will have some idea of prices and will post them on here and reply to everyone who has PM regarding them

  6. IJK

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    Having a look at these instruments yesterday we are putting them in for a service

    But we will be looking for around £2500 for each of the 900s

    and then £2000 for the 700s

    If you are interested please email

  7. Sovereign 784 - 748903 - 1987
    764683 - 1988
    Sovereign 982 - 748202 -1987
    734736 - 1985

    Hope that helps.........

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