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    I have listened with great interest the interview with the 2nd Section Adjudicator BRAIN BUCKLEY, and am a little concerned with the comments he has made.

    I quote, "Cornet players, nice sounds, a nice solo to play, maybe 16 or 20 more bars or so. And what we had there was SOMEBODY TRYING TO PLAY melodies with NO IDEA of warmth of sound, NO IDEA of phrasing, NO IDEA of what is a cantabile situation within the melody, if it's not written on the copy, you should not do it. Well I think you make music"

    Seems the only band that did that was the winning band from Wales.

    Perhaps it would be nice for Mr Buckley to explain this comment to all of the Principal Cornet players and their MD's, who tried their very best on the day, many of whom have a very good idea of what they are doing and would no doubt like to speak face to face with the said adjudicator.

    I'd like to be a fly on the wall when he spoke to Jim Shepherd about it.
  2. astreet83

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    Very strange as his remarks regarding my playing at the weekend is "Bravo Solo Cornet"!!!

    Also, how a cornet player didn't win the best soloist on the day is still shocking to me
  3. We had the same adjudicator at a contest in WSM earlier this year - his comments on that day were slightly mystifying then as well
  4. euphalogy

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    It appears to be a theme throughout the week end. Berate the players and MDs at every turn. Little wonder the movement is in decline.
  5. jansion

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    During our performance at this years Land O' Burns, someone (off stage) dropped a cymbal as we started our hymn tune.

    Mr Buckley kindly wrote "Cymbal - why?!" on our crit sheet... he wasn't even in a box!
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    Post removed on MoominDave's request.

    Ian (WoodenFlugel)
    On behalf ot the tMP team.
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    Is that an ironical typo? :-?
  8. stevetrom

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    did he complement the percussion section by any chance steve?
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    Mr Buckley was indeed a very good talented cornet player (been told) I think he played top man Tredegar

    I believe he has never given a solo prize to a principal cornet ever (Source: Iwan Fox).

    I played 'Between the Moon and Mexico' (a very difficult cornet solo) a number of years ago and the amount of people who came up to me that day passing on their congratulations to me. In he adjudication he only said that the Top C was not pp about the entire solo - It was very close to pp,

    How many cornet can play a Top C pp with quality of sound ???? Not many I believe.

    Apparently he believes no one can come close to a complete cornet player that he once was.
  10. mozart

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    Having played under the baton of C Brian Buckley on several occassions both as Principal Cornet and Flugel,I can tell you that he is a man of high integrity as well as being a superb musician.His musicianship and attention to detail are second to none.He could wax lyrical about the music you were playing and knew exactly what the composer was trying to portray.His rehearsals were always very demanding but enjoyable and I personally always came away with a sense that I had learnt a great deal from him.
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  11. Super Ph

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    the bands couldn't play the pieces. the soloists couldn't play the solos. you can blame the players, the MDs, the venue, the music panel. but for once, not the adjudicators.

    i thought, for example, that messrs. Wadsworth and Lancaster were far TOO kind about what they had to listen to on saturday. it was the live musical equivalent of watching the world trade center bombings 18 times over, but they put a brave face on it.
  12. tindagrae

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    I wasn't there at the weekend and didn't hear the standard of cornet playing in the 2nd Section.

    I'm a firm believer that nobody would ever go on stand to play a bad performance and that players perform to the standards that their MD's request.

    However, I do believe that Mr Buckley is trying to get a message across which is to play musically, lyrically and with the nicest sound you can possibly produce in a passage that may not say play 'cantabile' or 'dolce' but the natural feel of the music dictates that it is the right thing to do.

    Surely this is meant as constructive criticism from someone who has been a performer at the highest level? Instead of berating him, MD's and players should make a mental note of his comments which bode well for good music making in general. You never know, next time you come across Mr Buckley in the box, your band may get a prize..........
  13. MrsC

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    Hang on a minute!! My band did play the piece, our soloists (our principal cornet in particular) was amazing!! I don't in anyway blame any of our players or our MD for our result. We just weren't lucky. The adjudicators didn't find our performance appealing.
    I find it quite offensive that you've made these comments. All 17 bands in our section did a sterling job with the piece and I have the upmost respect for them all.
    I don't see why you feel the need to beat bands down who are trying their best. Are you the best player that ever lived? I think not!! :mad:
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    I received an unexpected telephone call from a displeased C. Brian Buckley this morning about my post above (#6 in this thread). He asked me to provide back-up to the negative points about him that provided the background in that post (which I was unwilling to do, for a couple of reasons) or remove the post and post an apology.

    Reviewing the thread now, I accept that it was an ill-judged post - it took the thread directly to a more personal place in a way that I hadn't appreciated at the time or intended. The intention of it was to draw out those with a more positive take on his adjudications; however, it was provocatively phrased, and treated his reputation backhandedly, and for this I apologise to him unreservedly.

    I shall be in touch with the mods to ask them to remove it, as the 5 minute time limit for editing has long expired...

    p.s. I would also like to make it clear, in case that was part of the misunderstanding, that another post that I made at about the same time yesterday alleging impropriety on the part of an unnamed adjudicator was referring to another individual entirely.
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  15. James Yelland

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    Having reread your post, I hope the moderators will decline your request. Your post seems to me to contain only the mildest form of criticism, and indeed, when I first read it I thought your rhetorical questions were calculated to show support for the man, and also to encourage support from others.

    As for the rest of your self-flagellation - your middle name isn't Shostakovich by any chance, is it?

    Mr Buckley is free to defend himself on this forum if he wishes to.
  16. NAS

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    I don't find your post offensive. It's just something further for people to discuss. At the end of the day everyone has an opinion and you were clear with the fact that you have no axe to grind.
    My band came 6th with Mr Buckley adjudicating at the weekend and as you would expect I'm not overly happy with the placing as I wanted to be higher, however Mr Buckley was engaged to do a job and he gave my band his opinion on Saturday, one that I graciously accept :) .
    I think Mr Buckley is in the box at Pontins for 2nd section so I now look forward to trying to sell our next performance to him :) .
  17. backrow

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    If we start removing posts because they have upset someone there will be very little left on most threads. I have been subject to Brian Buckley's adjudications several times and whilst I might not always have been pleased with the result I could at least see why he had arrived at it. He seems to be fair minded and knowledgable but also clearly a little thin skinned!
  18. astreet83

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    I would love to know why a Solo Cornet player didn't win best soloist
  19. DMBabe

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    I hope they don't remove the post. It wasn't a nasty personal attack nor was it remotely abusive. I have to wonder why we take criticism from adjudicators but when we ask them to clarify or expand on their comments, often to help us improve or understand where they thought we were going wrong, we are regularly met with the "because I know more than you and what I say goes, the adjudicator's opinion is final" approach yet if we choose to question their abililty or qualifications to make such statements we are met with "who are you to ask?" or "What gives you the right to question me"?

    With elevated status comes responsibility. Seems we can't win...... in every sense!
  20. fatcontroler

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    come on now!
    there was nothing wrong with your post, and whilst reading it (beofre the retraction) i got the impression that you were suggesting that most people were happy with him.

    All the retraction has done is maybe make more people think that Buckley is a little bitter and unwilling to take criticism (ironic considering the remarks at the weekend!)
    some may even think that he doesnt give prizes to solo cornets as he feels he could have done it better himself and therefore they are not worthy.

    but as mentioned above......people MAY think that :cool: