3rd Section Finals piece - A Gallimaulfry Suite

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    Not sure I've spelt that right!

    Had a first glance at this last night, seems prettty good, lots in it for everyone and sounds like it'll be very listenable.
    1st movt is a 6/8 fanfare+theme, think I heard bits of John Williams and Aeronauts in there.
    2nd movt is a dance in 10/8, not fast (crothet =102), but tricky as there's lots of ties in awkward places. A bit like Serenade by Derek Borgeious (sp?)
    3rd movt is a hymn tune, starts as a quartet for cornet, baritone, trom and euph (bit different!) then whole band comes in. At pp! The loudest dynamic in the whole movt is mp and it's max speed crotchet=60. I reckon this one will sort the winners out, to play tutti, pp in tune, and together, slowly, is very difficult. (Did the composer read this month's 4BR editorial I wonder, and think "Right, this'll sort you blowers out....?)
    4th movt starts off as a "jig"in 4/4, bit technical but just needs practice, then goes into 3/2 for finale reprising bits of the 1st movt, which looks like a fair blow (ff for two or three lines sustained) then big percussion ending.

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