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    Having just performed our annual Charity spring Concert to a full house I am interested to know what other 3rd/4th Section bands include in their concert programmes?

    I'm talking about an indoor (theatre / church ) full concert type event, and lets assume you have a free reign (no themes or other requirements) to choose what you wish

    Any thoughts would be welcome


  2. tubafran

    tubafran Active Member

    Hi Ian this is the programme from our last concert at the end of April

    Batman :
    On My Way :
    Bring Him Home : Sop Solo
    James Bond Collection :
    I Don’t Know How to Love Him : Flugel Solo
    Mamma Mia! :
    Music of the Night : Euph Solo
    The Circle of Life : (Phil Harper arrangement with band vocals)

    Queen Rules! :
    On My Own : Horn Solo
    JurassicPark :
    With One Look : Cornet feature
    Do-Re-Mi :
    Chicken Run : (plus kazoos)
    The Ugly Duckling :
    Bui-Doi : (tuba, trom, cornet & horn solos)
    Encore: ZULU

    This was a heavy blow and started at 7.30 finished at 9.50.
  3. ray_ed

    ray_ed Member

    couple that Dearham have been playing lately and have gone down well :

    theme from moulin rouge
    the lord of the rings
    the mission

    in among some of the pieces already mentioned.
  4. TubaBee

    TubaBee New Member

    programme 1

    Hine e Hine (Graham)
    Punchinello (Rimmer)
    Celebration (Goff Richards)
    Silver Treads among the gold (sop solo)
    Cry of the Celts (Graham)

    The golden lady (Richards)
    I Dreamed a dream
    Ruby Tuesday (Catherall)
    Peter Gunn Theme

    programme 2

    Music for the royal fireworks (Wright)
    I Dreamed a dream
    Call of the Righteous (Leslie Condon)
    Yellow rose of texas variations (Euph solo)

    Call of the Cossacks (Graham)
    Light Walk (Barrie Gott)
    Cops and Robbers (Howarth)
  5. Pythagoras

    Pythagoras Active Member

    Too right it was a heavy blow!
  6. sterlingsop

    sterlingsop Member

    We did a concert on St George's Day and we played

    Breezing Down Broadway
    There Is A Greenhill Far away
    Solitaire - sop solo
    Vitae Lux


    Amporita Roca
    Rusalka's Song To The Moon - cornet solo
    The Great Escape
    Floral Dance
    Swing Low Sweet Chariot - trom solo
    The Lost Chord


    Famous British Marches
    Keep Smiling Through
    Fantasia on Sea Songs - the one that starts with a bugle call
    Pomp & Circ 1
    Pomp & circ 1 again
    Coda from pomp and circ 1
    The Queen

    Not a bad blow, and nice to finish on with the national anthem too
  7. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    Our MD varies ours a lot, so it's difficult to recall all a programme, but recently we've included;

    Entry of the Gladiators
    Valdres March
    Bohemian Rhapsody
    Light Walk
    Nessun Dorma (cornet solo)
    Softy As I Leave You (euph duet)
    One Day (3rd cornet solo, he's only 11 and very good!)
    Over the Rainbow (tenor horn solo)
    Wand'rin Star (bass trom solo)
    Deep Inside the Sacred Temple (baritone duet)
    Cartoon Classics
    Call of the Cossacks (usually movt's 2 and 3)
    Windows of the World
    Reunion and Finale from "Gettysburg"
    Toccata in D Minor (the "rocky" version, Ray Farr's?)
    Gabriel's Oboe
    Mack The Knife
    Hedwig's Theme fron "Harry Potter"
    Amazing Grace (the William Himes arrangement that starts with cornets only)
    Born Free
    Disney Fantasy
    The Irish Blessing
    and a few more I can't remember offhand.
  8. stevetrom

    stevetrom Well-Known Member

    was this a bass trom solo? If so where can i get hold of it?

    I heard a bass trom version several years ago on Listen to the Band, I tried to get hold of it at the time but it was'nt in print.

    I am trying to remember usefull details like

    what band

    who played it

    who wrote it

    but cant remember any at the moment
  9. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    We did a concert on St georges day as well :
    Another Opening Melody
    The Tops
    Rulsarkas Song To The Moon
    Putting On The Ritz
    Cant Take My Eyes Off you (Trom Solo)
    I wanna Be Like You(Bass Trom solo)
    I will Follow Him
    Anything But Lonely(Euph Solo)
    Love Changes Everything
    Pomp&Cicumstance No 1
    Floral Dance
    Elizabethan Serenade
    West Side Story

    We are a 1st Section Band but we play for the audience knowing full well it is ok on the ear for them and entertaining plus popular wich most of the audience have heard at sometime or other.
    We do play bigger pieces Barbarian Horde etc but we keep these back for a Major Concert which we do in Burton Town Hall where we get a 85% turn out.
    The music listed is not in order of what we played but it is what we did.
    Hope this helps you;)
  10. 2nd man down

    2nd man down Moderator Staff Member

    We too did a St Georges Day concert and played

    Suite from Handle’s Water Music, 5th movement (allegro Deciso)
    Emley (Our very own march)
    Mack and Mabel
    There You’ll Be
    A Time for Peace (Cornet solo)
    Soul Bossa Nova
    Don’t cry for me Argentina
    Come Follow the Band
    Black Knight (March)

    Dambusters March
    All through the night (Euph/Bari feature)
    The Queen
    Fantasia on British Sea Songs
    Pomp and Circumstance No 1. (land of Hope and Glory)
    Encore: Standard of St. George

    It seemed to go down very well, in fact they paid us more than we agreed, so we must have done something right! :biggrin:
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  11. Liz Courts

    Liz Courts Active Member

    We don't do many proper indoor concerts, but some of the pieces that we've played recently that have gone down well with the public are:

    Ray Woodfield's Ragtime Number and Walkabout,
    Born Free,
    I Will Follow Him,
    Hey Jude,
    Colours Of The Wind,
    Always On My Mind,
    Something Stupid,

    Mission Impossible is good if members of the band can count to five! :rolleyes:

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