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Discussion in 'Computer Corner' started by Kinrao, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Kinrao

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    I've been trying over the last couple of months to create a website using 350Pages. On the face of it, it looks fine but when I go to a live version the images on the page headers are all over the place.
    Am I wasting my time with this package? All we want is a clean functional site, nothing too fancy.
  2. floppymute

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    Might I suggest using the BlueVoda website builder. I came across it by accident.
    It's a piece of cake to use, even for a numptie like me, with lots of video tutorials and good support and you can produce great results.
    Best of all its completely free to download and use.
    You'll only need to pay anything if you decide later to buy a VodaHost hosting package. Obviously this is what they're hoping for as this is how they make their money. But once you've built your site you could host it anywhere.

    Check it out :

  3. DaveR

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    I don't know 350 Pages, but the problem with any WYSIWYG html editor is that it is going to put a load of unnecessary crud into the page source that just makes more work for the browser. Microsoft FrontPage for example is famous for it.

    Nvu is a pretty good opensource WYSIWYG editor that doesn't put *too* much carp into the code, but even that is guilty of some cluttering. The best way is to write clean code from scratch if you can be bothered to learn how it works! (It isn't difficult, most people can learn enough html in an hour to create a simple website).

    I'll be happy to help you to try to get your pages right if you want help - just drop me a PM. It may just be something that a second pair of eyes spots straight away.....
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    Looking at the 350pages home page, I'd say they are mainly interested in getting people signed up to buy domain names and hosting from them, and use the promise you can "Create a website in seconds" as a lure. I don't trust anyone that stuffs their page with keywords and phrases designed to bump up their search engine ratings.

    If it's taken you months to fail to get what you want, I suggest you give up on them. I had a very quick look at Google Sites a while back, and it seemed OK to me as a website-building tool, rather than a web page creation tool. I've seen a good result that local schoolkids produced for a charity site for a friend of mine. Why not try your hand with that?

    It would be interesting to see what's gone wrong with your efforts, if only to find out what sort of mess a WYSIWIG editor can make - you can PM me a link if you're too embarrassed to publish one for all to see!