30 Years of Willson Euphoniums

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    Just finished cleaning/restoring an early (medium bore) 1974 Willson 2900 for a friend, so decided to compare pics with the two (large bore) I own from 1992 and 2004 (lacquer).

    Apart from the older one having a smaller bore, both in the leadpipe and through the valves, there are very few changes. The design of the valve caps and the braces on the valve slides. The older leadpipe is set at a quarter inch difference and angles slightly more towards 90 degrees than the later two.

    The older one plays extremely well for its age/bore, with the later one having the easiest response in the top register by far.


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    Sorry, just checking you are who I thought you were. It's Helen C, we've been talking on facebook? Always good to match up some names lol.
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    Ahhhhh, I see, no problem.

    Catch you later,


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