30 year break

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  1. Imperial Lady

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    Hello everyone
    This is a first for me, never used a forum before.
    Around 3 yrs ago after a 28- 30yr break I joined a local adult training band. I thought this is great not to many commitments and easy music but then I felt up for more of a challenge and I have joined a local 4th section band, playing 2nd euphonium and oh boy is it a challenge! I dont remember it like this, when I was 18 I hardly ever used to practice and got by very well. Almost every night I disappear to the spare room for 1 -2 hrs, music everywhere. Im making progress but there are times when I think I should be playing 2nd baritone. Anyway having a great time and enjoying the challenge.:D
  2. Adamskied

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    All the 2nd baritone players are gonna love you...lol
  3. second_horn

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    Yes, what is wrong with second baritone?
  4. Bob Sherunkle

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    That's better.

    Barking Iron Bob

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