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  1. Jack

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    I have been told that the promotion basis of a band is based on the previous 3 years results. Whats the point system for the positions? And how does it work. Reason Im asking is that someone told me that if they come 3rd or lower they get relegated.
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    It depends which Association you belong to. They all appear to have different rules re: promotion and relegation. I'd look up the rules on the website of your Association to find this, sorry to not be able to give you a definitive answer, but I remember in Scotland we had different rules to other Associations.
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    Thanks for the suggestion but when I went on the website I couldn't find anything about it at all. By the way my region is North West.
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    You can download the rules for the National Competition from here and the rules are on page 10.
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    thanks :)
    other than pure guess work is there any way to work out what position u need to come not to get relegated?
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    1 point for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd etc. You need the last 2 years results then add on whatever you get this year. Then you need average (median I think) positions for promoted/relegated bands.

    It's not usually as clear cut as 3rd or down because it will depend what the bands near you in the table get as well.
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    Isn't it just the aggregate? Which would be functionally the same as using the mean average anyway.
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    Yeah, it's the aggregate of the three years results.

    The averages are for bands that have been moved into that section.
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    Is the relegation for the national table or the local table.
    There are different rules for each organisation.
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    OMG, its so confusing. The sooner England gets rid of these local/national gradings the better. In Scotland we have one grading and that is that. Everyone knows exactly what is required of them to maintain a grading or to move up.

    Given that the area contests are on at present I would presume the OP means the National grading. In England and Wales a band is promoted or relegated based on the aggregate of points scored at the three most recent area contests. Points are awarded according to the position the band finished in the contest i.e. 1 point for first place, 2 points for second etc. As someone kindly pointed out earlier the NW grading tables are online so it should simply be a matter of taking those points and adding the placings gained at this years contest then ordering the table by points, lowest to highest. The two bands with the highest points are relegated and the two with lowest points are promoted. In the case of a tie on points the placing at the most recent area contest is used to separate the bands.

    In Scotland we operate a slightly different system. It differs in two key areas.

    1) The top two bands in our Scottish Championships are automatically promoted. So if a band finished ninth last year, they can be promoted with a good, or freak, result this year. I've always thought that this puts us at a disadvantage in the National Championships and in this case believe that the system followed by the rest of the UK (3 year aggregate) is better.

    2) We are currently trialling a system where the three years points are weighted i.e those points from two years ago are halfed, the points scored last year are unchanged, and the points scored this year are doubled. The idea is that it places more importance on more recent performances and less on a contest from two years ago (because a band can change vastly in two years). Over the last two years this has had the effect that the bands placed in the bottom two at the most recent area contest are invariably those relegated.
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    This does not seem unreasonable in a small section where a band has managed to just stay in with low placings the past two years.

    It obviously depends on how many points the other bands have too of course.

    One year a band was promoted without even having to compete. An unusual occurrence, but the previous year' nearest competition were promoted out and they were left sitting high on top of the pile.

    I think that overall the system works very well considering bands, although aren't stable, generally have the same members over a period of years.

    I wonder why the Scottish system doesn't relegate the bottom two bands in a section - as they promote the top two automatically.

    (actually, I think I know the answer but I'm just wondering at the replies!)