2Mbps broadband FOR FREE!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Chat' started by Soppy, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Soppy

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  2. TheMusicMan

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    BT are way behind the times re BroadBand services. They introduced them way after everyone else did.

    NTL have already upped their services free too.

    128K -> 512K
    512K - 1MB
    1MB - > 2MB
    1.5MB -> 3MB (me wohoooooooo!!!!)
  3. Keppler

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    Just to make ye all jealous, I have a 9Mbps connection (on paper) at my parents place. With all contention in there, it clocks at about 1.5Mbps to my box. Not bad.
    Better than the 9bps at home.

    At least there's one place in Ireland where the word "infrastructure" exists.

  4. 2nd man down

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    I'm still on a stoopid dialup (makes my four thousand and odd posts in less than a year all the more impressive tho huh?? :redface: )
  5. brassneck

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    It's a crying shame that BT's policy doesn't include trying to be more competitive with their prices. They are reducing the BT-Yahoo package for 3 months (about £3 on 1 gig) to try and hold more customers to their service. One other thing to remember that they do not have unlimited use of the pipeline. Upper limits of 30GB still apply!
  6. dyl

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    That's scary! :rolleyes:

    I signed up for a 512kbs connection in December - but when I connected the kit up I got 1.1mbs - and it's connected at that speed every time - and the cost is the same!
  7. brassneck

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    ... I recently upped mine to 1GB from 512kbs with BT because of only a difference in £3 for the Direct Debit price (which were introduced recently instead of debiting from my credit card). Is it because they control most of the landline network that they choose to only introduce customer benefits when they have no choice? (i.e., when they are threatened with losing a significant number of customers?).
  8. TheMusicMan

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    Good points indeed brassneck. Hence my decision to use NTL as they have their own backbone network. I have found this all the time with BT i.e. only introducing customer benefits when they have to - but at the same time making attempts to appear as though they are first to market et al. Good marketing, if somewhat transparent to those who care enough to look.
  9. dyl

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    I should add that my connection is not with BT - but with Tesco of all people! Though the network behind Tesco.net is NTL.
  10. brassneck

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    Over the years I have moved from Virgin to Tiscali (dial-up) to BT because, although they were the most expensive service, I thought they would provide the most stable connection (because other ISPs had to channel their services through BT). I had to bite my lip when other companies started to advertise cheaper prices in comparison to mein host and justify not changing because of this reason. Saying that, I have had very few issues with BT and they have been mostly (and rarely) technical upgrades they have carried out in my area. They have been prompt in e-mailing me about changes to their service and the free upgrade to 2GB was a welcome surprise.
  11. Ste69

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    Geography dictates that I only have one option. We get all of the CDs offering this and that but because all our telecommunications are Kingston Coms then we can only get their Broadband.:mad:

    2.0Mbps for 18.99 a month (No limits)

    Kind of a captive audience eh?????

    BT doesn't exist beyond the end of the M62 :eek:
  12. brassneck

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    I luv how all the offers for broadband subscription appear below via Google ads. :) . Almost as common as the credit card offers that always are around!
  13. flugelgal

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    Actually I think you should feel lucky! That's a really good price, the speed is good (although it depends on the contention really) and you have unlimited downloads. A lot of ISPs are charging people when they go over the limits so what seems to be cheap isn't actually so cheap after all if you use the connection a lot.

    Saying that, our "broadband" is about the speed of dial up today (for a change... :rolleyes:) and I'm getting really annoyed at the company! Hopefully we'll be able to get it changed soon. We don't have much choice here in Éire here either, although when I was in Scotland I found www.adslguide.org.uk a very useful site, both for clocking the speed of my connection, and checking out how my ISP compared to others.
  14. Nuke

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    I get telewest and theyve just upgraded all their services. So ive gone from 512 to 1mb but because me and a mate are sharing using a router sometimes it can be quite slow cause hes always downloading films and music
  15. Scott

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    he he, i get 10.0 Mbps on the Uni LAN... :) only paid £20 for the year too!!! (and there's no download limit!)
  16. Ste69

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    Hang on - I'm on a LAN in a school and when i put the mouse over the two little tv's it says 100.0Mbps

    How good is that????? (doesn't really seem that fast tho):sup
  17. HBB

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    Mine says 11.0Mbps
  18. Keppler

    Keppler Moderator Staff Member

    methinks some people are mixing up their LAN rates (10/100 Mbps wired, 11,-54 WiFi) with their internet rates...

    although brings back fond memories of being in the uni Linux/ATM lab... zzoooommmm...
  19. Bryan_sop

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    NTL is good unless you want to change something. I moved into my current address in June. It's a shared house and the NTL account was in the person who moved out's name. He gets his mail redirected. We get nothing.

    The account holder tries to contact them......no luck. I try to contact them.........no luck. Account holder cancels Direct debit, they set up a new one (which I didn't think they were allowed to do without his signature??) I write to them saying we'll pay the bill once the name's changed and we get a bill, and they respond with a form that's not really relevent to us.......oh and cut us off. Now written to them again with the form partially filled in and waiting for them to respond

    I've heard of other people having problems like THIS. Is it just round here or a nationwide problem with NTL?
  20. stephen2001

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    With NTL, you cannot change the name on the account at a house.
    Basically, the quickest way is for the previous residents to get the line cut on their last day, and for you to set up a new account as soon as you can. With it being NTL though, they can be very slooooow on the uptake & takes a bit of pressure to get them to do stuff.
    It's a well known thing in Loughborough were 99% of student houses are linked to NTL services.