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    [IMGLEFT]http://www.themouthpiece.com/images/tmpnews.gif[/IMGLEFT] 29 November 2004 BHK HORDEN CHAMPIONSHIP WIN

    News release - received from Rifleman PR

    The Championship section of the N
    orthumberland Brass Band Association’s Open Entertainment Contest has been won by the BHK (UK) Ltd Horden band by four full points ahead of its next rival. The competition, which was held on Sunday 28 November at NorthumberlandCollege in Ashington, has been running since the early 1970’s, and is one of the longest established brass band events in the north. BHK Horden walked off with £400 in prize money and the Roy Nuttal Memorial Trophy and the Tommy Locker Cup, when they beat two of their peer Championship-graded bands by playing a variety of pieces during their 25-minute entertainment programme. In reference to their performance, adjudicator Alan Morrison said: “That was a programme with much to commend, and very well directed. Some super playing. Thank you, and very well done.”

    Best Soloist was BHK Horden’s Andrew Marsh who won the George Griffiths Memorial Trophy, and Best Bass Section was won by BHK Horden’s Matthew Williams, Elliot Cook, Andrew Jordan and Alex Evans who carried off the George Wright Memorial Trophy.

    Delighted with their win, the band’s secretary Anne Rice who lives in Easington said: “This is great news for us, as we have really been putting in the rehearsal time this last few weeks. My thanks go to all the members of our band, and Jim Cunningham at BHK for his company’s sponsorship.”

    The win at Ashington is a further step towards the band’s ultimate goal of securing a place to compete at the National Brass Band Championships that are held annually at the Royal Albert Hall.

    In addition to their current success, BHK Horden has already won three acclaimed awards in the First Section brass band category at National level - the North of England Regional Championships of Great Britain, the National Championships of Great Britain and the Mineworkers Championships of Great Britain.

    Editors notes:
    The BHK (UK) Ltd Horden Band has 30 members, and rehearses at 7.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Thornley Community Centre.

    Their sponsor, BHK (UK) Ltd, manufacture and market decorative laminate flooring for the home improvement, DIY and flooring contractor markets.
    For further information regarding the BHK ([/font][font=&quot]UK[/font][font=&quot]) Ltd Horden Band, please contact the band’s Secretary Anne Rice on Tel: 0191 527 0129, Mob: 07796 167 635.[/font][font=&quot]
    For further information on this press release, please call Dave Sarjent at Rifleman Public Relations on Tel: 01491 680 169; Mob: 0788 405 2657; Fax: 01491 682 669; E: info@riflemanpr.com[/font]
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    hi everyone in BHK Horden, I heard you play, you's were excellent and won hands down. I was hired by Murton Colliery Band to play, who were also successful, and won the section C (complete with lap dancers). Good Luck in all your next competitions!!
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