250 sets of secondhand brassband music at only £3.00 each or four for £10.00

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    I,m selling off the remains of a band's library. I was going to list it all on ebay, but hey lifes too short.
    most of the music is quite old and generally of an easier nature but icould easily fill gaps in your library especially if your a younger band.
    there is about 300 sets on my list but I have sold a few since and I think that there are about 275 left.
    If you are interested email me at vandjshort@aol.com and I will email you back a list.
    just to clarify a few points:
    all music is secondhand and obviously the more popular/older titles will reflect this in its condition.However , all music sold will be in a useable condition.
    all music sold will be complete ie, all parts will be represented if there were two seperate baritone parts they will both be there, however there might only be one second cornet part.
    none of the music will contain photocopies.
    I havnt had the time to check sets for parts, but will do this as they are requested. If there are any problems I will notify potential purchasers before they buy.
    obviously there is only one set of each and so it must be strictly first come first served.
    all postage to be paid for by purchasers.To be fair to all I will weigh all purchasers and advise of exact postage costs. Or if you live close by (Somerset)or want a large quantity you may collect.
    If your still awake and want to know anything else email me.,rather than thread
    Regards, Julian