24th Annual Pogson Bray Trust Contest

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  1. Terrible Timp

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    The 24th Annual Pogson Bray Trust Contest will take place at Whitcliffe Mount High School on Sunday 11th April 2009.

    Contest Format

    Section A (for Championship, First and Section Section bands) -Own choice test piece and Contest march

    Section B (Third and Fourth Section bands) -Own choice test piece and Three Verses of hymn from RED hymn books

    Section C (Youth bands) -Own choice test piece and Three Verses of hymn from RED hymn books

    Prize money

    Sections A & B - 1st place £400, 2nd place £275, 3rd place £200 & winners of March/Hymn prize £100

    Section C - 1st place £300, 2nd place £200, 3rd place £150 & winners of Hymn prize £50

    Entry fees

    Sections A & B £25 (if Huddersfield Association Member) £30 (non Members)

    Section C £20 (if Huddersfield Association Member) £25 (non Members)

    Anyone wanting further details or entry form contact

    Mr A Kaye
    177 Partridge Crescent
    WF12 0HP

    Telephone 01924 466611

    Alternatively please feel free to PM myself and i will pass on your details
  2. IJK

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    do you mean 2010 not 2009?????
  3. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    I do indeed thanks Ian

    Sunday 11th April 2010
  4. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    The closing date for entry is THIS Sunday (28th March).

    Still places availiable in all sections, if you want to enter please contact Alan or myself ASAP
  5. is there a list of competing bands?
  6. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    Not yet no, i will try and get it on next week once the closing date has passed.
  7. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    On behalf of the members of the Pogson Bray Trust Committee it is with deep regret that they announce that due to lack of entries the 24th Pogson Bray Trust Contest which was due to be held on Sunday 11th April 2010 has been cancelled.
  8. TheMusicMan

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    That's such a shame, Drew. I know it's a little too late now, but you could have tried pushing the contest a little more on here - who knows, you may have drummed up some more support.

    It is always a shame when contests are cancelled due to lack of competing bands.
  9. next year send personal invites/ phone round, more publisity. its just at a bad time of year, to far past areas and not close enough to spingfest. may try a diffrent date next year eg june?? not menny contests that time of year.
    good luck for next years compertition being on next year!!
  10. Matt Lawson

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    I never understood why top bands (or indeed lower section bands) ignored this contest.

    At worst, £30 entry fee and top prize is £400. Surely, without naming names, some top section/1st section West Yorkshire bands could get a test piece together in a few weeks and come away £370 better off?

    The areas have only just gone - so there's a test piece ready to play straight away. Very odd.
  11. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    Thanks for your ideas i will pass them on

    Although they were not personal invites.........150 + entry forms went out this year (and as far as i know in previous years) to band secretarys mainly in Yorkshire but some from elsewhere as previous entrants.
  12. Kath2

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    I think the problem with this year was how close the contest was to the Easter holidays. we discussed entering as part of our preparation for the Grand Shield but we have a couple of students who have gone home for Easter and a couple more players away on holiday, just a thought that maybe try and avoid major holiday times next year. I agree with the earlier post make this contest a week before the Spring Festival and I bet the top section would be really well attended with people wanting to run out their test piece.
    Marsden Silver Prize Band
  13. IJK

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    I think the committee have looked at changing the date before as in previous years this has happened as well.

    ICCB have been a couple times and enjoyed the day but the past 2 years the band has choosen to enter Buxton which is closer for all of them and we do have a lot of people off around this time of year. I dont understand why there is not more lower section bands entered as it is great prize money for a lower section contest.

    I am sure if the committee had a good number of 3rd/4th section bands interested and entered they would just call it a 3rd and 4th section contest.

    Also I do agree that if it was moved later then it would be a good run out for bands in the spring festival. But if the committee did move the contest will bands truly enter can they be sure that they would get more numbers?

    What about changing the format to an entertainment style contest would that attract more bands (just an idea) If I could get a full team who could do the contest then ICCB would be there as Alan and the team do a great job at running this contest and it is areal shame it has been cancelled again as I am sure it has been cancelled more times than it has been held in the last 10 years (I may be wrong)
  14. backrow

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    A difficult time of year with Easter being early and the areas just having finished. Also a crowded contest calender with Tameside, Hiolmfirth andBuxton around the same time. Perhaps a lower section entertainment contest in the autumn may be more popular.
  15. cat woman

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    Its a shame that any contest is cancelled, a lot of people put in a great deal of work for these events and they deserve a lot more support.
  16. TubaPete

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    I agree that it's a shame that the contest has had to be cancelled.

    Having competed in this event once before (about 3 years ago) and knowing that the Trustees have a contact with here, I'd like to repeat some constructive feedback that I gave at the time. It felt to me and other members of the band that I was with that the contest stewards were more interested in the rules and in timekeeping than they were in the competitors actually enjoying their time at the contest.

    I appreciate that people take these things on in a voluntary capacity but there's more than one way of saying "can you make sure you set up quickly please" or "please keep it quiet in here as you can be heard from the stage." Comments like "hurry up!" and "shut up!" don't do anything to settle nervous performers or make them feel that it was a positive enough experience to want to return.

    I'd love to see the event run again next year but I'd make a plea to all contest organisers - think about your marketing being about much more than just how you publicise things.

    I can think of quite a few occasions when a band I've been in has decided to go (or not go) to a contest based on how much we enjoyed it and how well we were treated as on how much the prize money is or what result we got.

    There are very few band contests these days that a band sees as essential. For all those other ones I think the organisers could benefit from asking themselves 2 questions:

    1. Is there something about the way that we run this contest that might put people off entering?
    2. Is there anything we could do (without costing too much money) that would make the day more enjoyable for bands?

    As someone who lives in West Yorkshire, I may even be open to having my arm twisted to help out if the Trustees think I could contribute anything.

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  17. Terrible Timp

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    Very wrong indeed Ian.......as far as i am aware (and like you say i maybe wrong) i do not recall the contest being cancelled in the last 24 years let alone 10 !!!

    Many thanks for all your points ladies and gents, as i have said in an earlier post i will pass all ideas/suggestions on to Alan and the trust, they are all bitterly dissapointed not to be able to go ahead with the contest year and anything they can look at (especially suggestions from bands) will be greatly appreicated.

    TubaPete -thanks for your post and may i apologise if you felt that anything the trust did whilst you attended upset you meaning that you didnt enjoy your day.

    Nothing that the trust do on the day is intended to upset any band (naturally) the trust just like to keep the contest ticking over and try and keep the same conditions for all bands. Again apologies if you did not feel this was the case when you attended.
  18. IJK

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    I think you will find I am right Andrew I am sure it was cancelled in 2002 or 2003
  19. IJK

    IJK Member

    why I think this is that Emley were going to do it and then it was cancelled
  20. Terrible Timp

    Terrible Timp Member

    Like i said Ian I maybe wrong, i cannot remember, the competition certainly hasnt been since 2004.