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  1. RobertJohn

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    You were thinking of a fluegelhorn.
    Is it usually colorful? You said Yes, I say No.
    Can you put something into it? You said Yes, I say No.
    Is it something you bring along? You said Yes, I say Doubtful.
    Does it come in many varieties? You said Yes, I say No.
    Does it have writing on it? You said Yes, I say No.

  2. neiltwist

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    have you lost it?
  3. Fishsta

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    If anyone remembers "Animal" on the BBC back at school, this works on a similar basis.

    Basically, it asks you a series of questions, attempting to guess what you're thinking of. If you're thinking of something it's not got in the database, it asks you for a question to differentiate between the two things, and next time it will ask that question.

    The database on this one is quite large, I think. Animal only started off with a database of about 70 animals.