2018 Area test pieces

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    Actually we've been talking about whether to get the Wallace Cup/Straight combo to cover off all future needs as well - theyre £130

    But yeah, Yeowch :-/
  2. MoominDave

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    Which makes £86 for the whole score seem even less money
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  3. Jack E

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    True - but if you buy a score which is only going to be used for one contest, as compared to a mute which could be used in other pieces and which, if looked after, will last for donkey's years . . .
  4. Tom-King

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    On the flipside it makes the cost of going d even higher... Which makes the selection panel choosing a piece that'll hit bands in the pocket a bit more annoying?
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    I can only repeat what I wrote above - £86 is about £3.50 per player. Or 15-20 minutes work in most jobs. In my opinion, banding would do very well to learn to think about the cost of music in a much less grudging way.
  6. Regarding World Tour !
    I have just had this from the horses mouth!
    there is a 'new' edition that Christian and Paul worked on earlier this year.
    A few inconsistencies in the score and parts cropped up following Black Dyke's recording session, so to avoid an errata we removed it from the catalogue earlier in the year,
    tidied it up a little, then re-released it with a new front cover at Cheltenham. #
    Please ask anyone who contacts you in reference to this to email sales@primavistamusikk.com with proof of owning the original edition and we will replace it free of charge
  7. Jack E

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    Now that's what I call customer service, Chris!
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    Having just seen the score to Ex Terra Lucem I'm a bit disappointed to see the amount of percussion we're expected to have - not to mention the 3 percussionists required. Nothing against the piece but perhaps the people who pick the music could give a thought to the bottom bit of the score.
  9. Indeed However they have stated they will send me a new set but nothing yet!
    I have emailed them again but no response