2018 Area test pieces

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  1. Euphonium Lite

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    Having done Platform to the Heavens at Butlins last year, and doing another PLC piece at Leicester this year, I wouldn't be totally unhappy with that one. I'm not a "superfan" (and I know he has plenty of those) but I do enjoy the challenge that a lot of his music sets
  2. Tom-King

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    Don't know it, soz
  3. Tom-King

    Tom-King Well-Known Member

    Eden? lol
  4. T Bone Funky

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    That's such a shame about that second adjudicator. I'm a stickler for the old 'yellow paper music' but I guess it's not to everyone's taste! I'll take it over most new compositions anyway!
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  5. Tom-King

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    The strong rumours at this point are behind Odyssey (Norbury), but it doesn't rule out "On Alderly Edge" which was a rumour I'd heard some time back... Wouldn't mind either of them to be honest.
  6. Tom-King

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    Depends, there are some naff yellow pieces and some naff new pieces... and some great yellow pieces and great new pieces.
  7. Kiz7

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    Brass Metamorphosis for first section
  8. SheldonBarwick

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    Odin for the top section maybe?
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  9. MoominDave

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    Oh yes please!
  10. T Bone Funky

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    I think at this point Brass Metamorphosis is the favorite for 1st section. I've seen it pointed out that Just Music have bumped up the price for that piece quite a bit, so that could be q sure sign that it'll be that.
    Not a fan personally. It has nice passages in it so guess I'll have to put up with it!

    With 'O' being the letter for Championship, I've seen it rumoured for a while that On The Shoulders of Giants would be the piece, though Odyssey has picked up a lot of steam recently. big fan of the former, not too familiar with the latter but heard good things.
  11. Tom-King

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    Heard that rumour about "On the shoulders of giants" several years in a row now - I could be wrong, it's certainly plausible (and begins with O) but I just can't see it.

    Odyssey definitely seems to be the rumour with the momentum... I'd heard "On Alderly Edge" a while back, which is also still possible with the O, but it looks like it might well be Odyssey.

    Seen quite a few mention Odin recently, too... also plausible.

    We'll have to wait and see...

    (If I had to choose an "O" it'd be "Of Distant Memories", but it's not gonna be that I don't think - been used too much recently).
  12. trombone-john

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    Champ . Odyssey
    First . Brass Metamorphosis
    Second . Ex Terra Lucem
    Third . Napoleon in the Alps
    Fourth . World Tour
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  13. Tom-King

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    Yep - thanks to a certain music shop leaking the tracklist on their page selling the CD... This is it.

    Anyone have a better recording of Odyssey than the rather duff one on YouTube?
  14. Repman

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    Anyone know of a recording of World Tour? Anywhere??
  15. Bass Man

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    You'll be able to buy the official recording from World of Brass, I imagine you can buy and download that track specifically if it's the only one you want
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  16. 99p per movement download from world of brass
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  17. GJG

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    Personally, I am appalled by the panel's choice of piece for the 1st section. Not for musical reasons; (I don't actually know the piece, and my experience of James Curnow's music is generally positive), but, £86 ... ?
    By choosing such a piece, the Music Panel can only be seen to be condoning such rip-off prices. It doesn't matter how good the piece is, if the publishers of the other selected testpieces can make theirs available for c. £50 (or in one case c. $65 - itself overpriced, IHMO), then a price of £86 cannot possibly be justified.
    And when the inevitable stream of errata start to come online, does anyone think we will be able to expect a refund ... ?
  18. bassendworld

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    That explains why I have been waiting 2 months for World Tour from just music. Don't want it now at the inflated price thanks
  19. MoominDave

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    Is £86 a lot for a set for a brass band contest piece these days? It's a little more than £3 per player, and more or less what a band at that level might expect to pay a conductor for a single rehearsal. Orchestras will pay a good deal more than this to hire some pieces.

    Nationwide, there are 99 bands listed in the 1st section for 2018, making for a total possible one-off sale of £8,514 at this price. I know this particular example is not a new piece, but consider (as I'm sure you personally well have already) the economics of commissioning a piece of music - the composer must make a living wage, as must the publisher and anyone they employ. What's a fair price for composing a 15-minute piece for 28-piece brass band? It's a big job, requiring rare skill deployed over a sustained period of effort. The MU suggests that a rate of £600 per minute of music is appropriate for brass band composition. £600 * 15 = £9,000, which has already busted the budget at this price. Now modern publishing is a lower-cost industry than it used to be equipment-wise, but publishing houses still have to pay the wages of those that set the music into the house style, of those that check it for errors, of the various miscellaneous staff that a business must employ (admin etc), the rental of their premises, etc. And then make a profit. Say a month's effort typesetting and checking? £2,000. Businesses reckon on more or less doubling any wage paid for a job in terms of overheads/admin - so call it £4,000 cost. Perhaps £2,000 is a reasonable profit on that arrangement? We have made it up to £15,000 now.

    £15,000 / 99 bands ~= £150 per set. In other words, a fair price would be double what is being complained about as high. This is why we never see new contest music commissioned, even for the area, which is the one occasion in the banding calendar where enough bands all have to purchase the same piece that the economics of commissioning actually start to look doable. And so the generation of new contest music is largely left in our own enthusiastic amateur hands, with the result that the quality of our contest repertoire is over time gradually degrading.
  20. GJG

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    You're not wrong, Dave, and I might even be inclined to agree with you if the quality of the typesetting and proofing were guaranteed ...
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