2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by smaca, Jul 21, 2016.

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    That should TICK a few boxes
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    That will be a challenge in itself then!!!
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    Well if you or your Band don't go you won't get relegated and you'll save money, but you wont go up either
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    Going Back to the Open at Belle-vue Early 70's, Yorkshire Imps managed to sort them out without too much trouble. Those were the Days
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    So the 4th section bands, which often contain many higher level ability players, but who choose to stay loyal and play in their local band, get ..... music suitable for a beginner or junior band. How insulting. Makes me wonder how many players will leave their band and go and join a higher level band just so they can get something interesting and challenging to play.
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    Totally agree. Some bands might even lose players over this. As they will be tempted to join other bands that have more challenging and interesting test pieces. It is after all a test piece, not a beginner band contest.
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  8. Ianroberts

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    It happens every bloody year ! We all know the future of our movement is young people. When they have to play shite pieces is it realy any wonder numbers are falling ?

    The powers that be in banding have never and never will give a rats arse to the players the 4th section.
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    Those in the know do indeed know. I have it on good authority that those who were unable to keep confidences and let the cat out of the bag will be facing consequences.
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    How can you compare the likes of the 2015 Area piece English Pastorale by Dean Jones (which was a test), the Finals 2015 piece Visions by Dan Price to a junior band work? 2015 seemed to test the fourth section and was the last time I enjoyed playing in it. I'd love to play Rhapsody for Brass or Land of the Long White Cloud again but I'm loyal to my band. Flipping difficult to be when we've got a coupke months of such tedium to endure. Sort it out!
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    Ach well, there's always 2018
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  13. DublinBass

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    Maybe an easier 4th section test piece means instead of some bands starting practice on it Jan 1st, they can work on other, complimentary repertoire and not start until Feb 1st?
  14. stevetrom

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    you think some bands wait until January to start working on the Area test piece?

    I bet there are bands that will 'have a look' before the end of September!
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  15. trumpetmike

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    Such a shame that they have chosen the rehashed Pageantry rather than the original - I feel sorry for the percussion section in the original (not a vast amount to do), but there really is no need to add more to the original. Nobody (I hope) would consider adding a drum kit to a Beethoven symphony but added percussion here is being encouraged.
    I saw a lovely comment on facebook suggesting that those bands who play from the original orchestration should be rewarded for historically informed performance practice and good taste - somehow I doubt this will happen.
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  16. MoominDave

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    I see another point of view to that one, one suggested by the raising of the HIP tag. The brass of the brass band of today do not sound like their counterparts did in 1934. Both styles and instruments have changed - what used to be crisp playing on small instruments is now phat playing on large instruments. Vib is different. Shaping is different. Articulations have different emphases. We aim to make different sounds now in general. A modern brass band playing the original version of 'Pageantry' does not sound very like an old recording of it - the notes are all the same, but the feeling is unavoidably different. And it is a greater challenge to play with the crispness required on our bloated modern instruments than it was for the old-time players, whose greatest tonal challenge was to calm down the sounds of their brighter equipment.

    Given that we have changed the rules anyhow in evolving our instruments and approaches, the addition of percussion to make it match modern instrumentation better seems less of a sacrilege than it might. We're already playing "Pageantry arranged for modern brass band"; "Pageantry arranged for modern brass band with modern percussion made more use of" is not so far different.
  17. bumper-euph

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    Just a theory about the 4th section rubbish..........perhaps it's just to get as many bands as possible to enter therefore more money to the organisers............or am I just being cynical. !!
    Whatever the thought behind it , we now face a 240 mile round trip to play for under 8 minutes.
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  18. GJG

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    I'm not even sure that's really true. If one foregoes the inappropriate use of a kit, and has one player playing a snare drum, another playing a proper concert bass drum, and a third playing a pair of crash cymbals, as far as I remember there is plenty to do, at least in the outer movements. There might even be some triangle, although my recollection's a bit foggy on that.
  19. Anno Draconis

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    Would be nice to see someone play it with all narrow bore high pitch instruments too. Bet they'd come last, though!
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  20. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    We should make that happen... But not waste the effort on a contest performance.
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