2017 Regional Test Piece Rumours

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  1. casanova

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    I dont think it will be. Purely on the basis of how percussion heavy it is. When picking the pieces, the panel have to remember that every top section band has to be capable of finding the required percussion and with a piece that has such a large marimba and xylo part in it, I just cant see it being picked. As a finals piece where only 18 or so bands have to find the players then yes, but not the amount needed at regional level. That's not to say its not a good piece, just it's an unrealistic areas choice.
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  2. GJG

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    You have more confidence in the panel's common sense than I do, then. Percussion requirements didn't seem to bother them when they picked "St. Magnus" ...
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  3. Euphonium Lite

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    Some good food for thought there AD. I also wonder if a potential future extension of that would be to scrap the play only 1 instrument rule - especially for contests such as the Champ section final or the Open. You could then open up to having a 20 strong cornet section for part of the piece for example.....appreciate that it would only work for top level and not particularly well lower down, although you could still have trombone/bari/Euph interchange or add in an additional flugel or 2 for part of the piece. Appreciate for the lower end cost also comes into it - not many bands would have several spare tubas although I think most will usually have the odd trombone or tenor horn lurking in the back of the instrument cupboard
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    Whilst it cant be denied that percussion adds to the overall sound, I do think that the powers that be need to recognise the issue around equipment going forward - many bands in the lower sections only have 2 timps whereas a lot of testpieces call for 4 - and a vibraphone is out of reach for a lot of bands as well. And that's before you even get into the players to play them....
  5. katieeuph

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    Maybe it will crop up at the finals next year- I'll be really surprised if it doesn't appear at some point (I completely agree about the percussion, although as mentioned above, that is not always considered!!)
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  6. smaca

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    For different reasons, I cant see it being Makeover nor Pageantry......back to the drawing board me thinks on rumours.
  7. Bass Man

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    I heard this evening that it is Pageantry for the top section
  8. Tom-King

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    Pageantry is certainly the most popular rumour....
    But then it's a very popular piece (with good reason, it's excellent), so maybe it shouldn't be surprising that the rumour spreads - people want it to be true?

    Still not convinced that a piece that's been used for 1st section nationals (in 2005) is likely to get picked for Championship section areas - could easily be wrong, and certainly wouldn't be unhappy if that's the choice.
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  9. Vinter's Salute to Youth was used as a 1st Section Finals piece in 1999 and then selected for the Championship Areas in 2009. It's not unprecedented.
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  10. ari01

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    Pageantry is a great piece but is that really the best we can manage with all of the fantastic new music about?

    It's been contested to death and already selected for every major UK contest.

    I for one will be bored to tears playing it again..... zzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. MoominDave

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    Some other examples of pieces being used later at a higher level than earlier within the nationals structure (number = section, F = finals). Note that of course prior to 1992 there was no 1st section.
    Ballet for Band 1 1997, 1F 2016
    Vizcaya 4F 1995, 3 2004
    Rococo Variations on a Theme of Tchaikovsky 3 1977, 2 1995

    It's not a common direction to take, but it does happen sometimes. It would also do us good as a movement to shake this 'ratchet' idea we have - that once a piece is set for a lower level, it becomes somehow passe to play it again at the higher level. Much excellent older repertoire is scorned for this reason, which is no real reason at all when you look at it.
  12. Euphonium Lite

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    And of course the most recent was A Cambrian Suite by Michael Ball, which was a S4 Finals piece in 2000(?) and then S3 Regional piece this year
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  13. casanova

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    So im pretty sure you guys can expect:

    Pageantry - C
    Land of the Long White Cloud - 1st
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  14. stevetrom

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    Glad I'm not playing in Champshop

    Wish I was playing in 1st
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  15. stevetrom

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    But what about 2nd


  16. Tom-King

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    If that's the choice, I'm glad I'm playing in championship...

    Still happy to wait and see if the rumour turns out accurate or if it's just spread as it'd be a popular choice.

    Still echo the curiosity for what other sections are playing.
  17. bassmittens

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  18. Euphonium Lite

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    BBR shows Darkwood as being used in the 4th section of the French Open last year. Whether its suitable for 3rd section regional is another matter....
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    Don't blame the forum software, this is totally my fault. I saw it when away for the weekend, thought I wasn't able to help due to prior booking, but wasn't certain in the absence of my diary to hand. Then just forgot to respond. Sorry sorry sorry. I'll PM you now.