2015 WoE championships

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    There is little mentioned about the championships held in Torquay last weekend, however the highlight of the weekend was definitely the standard if competition in the third section, as noted by the adjudicators.

    Well done the lower sections

    Third Section:

    One group of competitors who didn’t find the going tough on the weekend were to be found in the Third Section, where Philip Sparke’s ‘Evolution - Five States of Change’ brought some inspired performances out of a host of contenders.

    In the end it was Soundhouse Brass directed by Lee Clayson who pipped their rivals in a high quality contest, with the talented youngsters of Camborne Junior Contesting claiming a Finals trip for the second time in three years under Alan Pope.

    There was very little choose between the top six or so rivals on the day, with Roger Webster remarking that he felt ‘most bands played beautifully’ despite ‘tempos leaving a lot to be desired’.

    Crystal clear

    It was another crystal clear analysis from the men in the box (Roger was joined by Graham O Jones), which balanced well deserved praise with constructive criticism.

    “It’s a lovely piece, so well written to show bands what they need to do,” Roger later told 4BR. “The best did that, especially the top two in making the music flow - and did it so well, but too many MDs lost sight of tempo markings and didn’t bring anything meaningful out of the score as a result.”

    Despite the tempo drawbacks, each of the 16 competitors emerged with great credit for their efforts on a stern test of their musicianship - all the way down in fact to the amazing youngsters (average age 14) of Chalford Academy under Steve Tubb, who delighted the audience with their fearless enthusiasm.


    Behind Soundhouse and Camborne Junior Contesting came a compact rendition from Denmead Brass, closely followed by well directed efforts from Bath Spa, Midsomer Norton & Radstock Silver and Corsham.

    Emotional win

    It was an emotional win for Soundhouse Brass (named after the music facility in a school in Torbridge near Plymouth where they rehearse), as spokesperson Alan Gears told 4BR.

    “We last came in the prizes here in 2002, and we have had a bit of an up and down time of it of late,” he said. “We were down to around 18 players at Christmas but we determined to make it to the contest.

    Our MD, Lee Clayson has been superb and the effort the players have put in has been rewarded. Now we can look forward to a trip to Cheltenham.”
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    Actually thought some of the results were very puzzling (and I heard most bands). Wilton in particular can count themselves very unlucky not to finish higher, they had a breadth of sound that was missing from most bands. Whilst I'm not sure that the energetic and highly rhythmic reading from Gillingham deserved 13th place. For me, there were far too many intonation problems from some in the top six.
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    True to say that when 6 to 2 were announced, I looked at a friend and we both said Gillinghsm, however, its not all about speed and blast. Its about the music being played as writtren, under control, dynamic definition and contrast. I don't think anyone can deny this was given by, at least, the top two bands.

    Its easy to say 'we didn't get a note wrong, we played fast and tight, we blew the sacks off other bands' if musically its incorrect.

    Everyone of us has been on the end of a surprising if wrong result, but only the people in the box know what their expectations are
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